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  1. 100% political clout chasing. It's the election season in Indonesia right now. Bali's governor even supported this whole thing in January, only to change his tune 2 months later.

  2. Also safety issue nobody in Bali wants to deal with this shit considering Bali also dealing with foreigner problem recently. Also the current governor is bankrolled by the head of Badung region who is the biggest tourism region and most likely taking the power next regime so he wont anger the one who feeds him.

  3. Bae is usually the more 'funny' and among the most composed member, her crying shows how important the win us to her (them). Yet some netizens like to say that the music shows wins "aren't that important". This is a sign of recognition (to any idols) to celebrate upon.

  4. Bae an ENFP whose in multiple VLIVe or PickNMIXX admits that she get great satisfaction when her works recognized by others, multiple times she says nothing bring more happiness more than knowing her works making others happy, make sense for her to breakdown because for her this win might be the recognition she longing for.

  5. And they won against Jimin, as he was the runner-up. So this win is a huge win for them.

  6. Isnt other fandom helping NMIXX? Probably wants those live encore so bad haha but glad NMIXX finally getting their general public recognition, good job music show voters ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  7. Classic Haewon moment ๐ŸŒš i bet she's gonna talk (laugh) about it again in the near future. Also bae crying in highnote and sullyoon still looking SO BEAUTIFUL whike crying ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ’–

  8. Haewon member selca impersonations is so outdated, member crying impersonations is in the hip, especially to her chagadew fellow Bae ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  9. They basically went from weekly trailers to a trailer every 3 days and now we got back to back trailers in 2 days.

  10. If you beileve Jun looks like she's in her her 20's and not her 30's then I feel sorry for you with women as you think any of them who looks under the age of 28 look illegal xD

  11. Also cultural difference, Nothing more flattering than women in their 40 mistakenly as in their 20s and Asian culture women prefer when they look smooth.

  12. Wonder what happen if NMIXX debuting with LMLT and get increasingly mixxpop after every debut in their first three years.

  13. JYP needs to release the NMIXX cover for why so lonely, but probably due to the MV being more adult they don't risk it since they still have 2 underage member.

  14. I love to see it and the pros scrambling for their dear lives just to win games, we call it trial by fire.

  15. Tournament mode exist and they can enable it for the major.

  16. It's anti hype after the tournament because you might get chance of fluke winner. For example Talon esports especially Mikoto known for adapting to patch very slow but once they get the grip they are doing well.

  17. What confuses me is that even if I copy this symbol, along with the empty space in it, it converted into normal (space) and (less than) symbol and won't have the same effect. I think it's one of those symbol combination with alt+

  18. It was bug that already got fixed so you can't no longer do it iirc.

  19. Did BTS ever make a bid for a major host? Genuine question

  20. sounds about right, any TOs rn are almost always doing other esports and dota is on the side its from general posts ive seen here very hard to make any dota tournament aside from the international turn a profit

  21. What makes it harder is TO need to pay half the prizepool and Dota2 community both the players and viewers don't accept low prizepool which makes things harder for TO be profitable.

  22. They probably implemented it for CSGO, then copy pasted it for tf2 and underlords.

  23. Underlords Glicko-2 only available for Lord of White Spires player (equal to Immortal in DOTA2) while the rank below use flat gain (+100 for 1st, +75 for 2nd +50 for 3rd and -100 for 8th).

  24. Or perhaps they have data about those 2%. What if those 2% is from rural pc cafe in SEA who only plays DOTA2 or CSGO which Valve has been doing backend work that increase the minimum requirement.

  25. Honestly I think a proper seasonal battlepass could fix the problem. I played Valorant recently and really loved their 2 months(?) battlepass system.

  26. Valve wont because they aware of Battlepass fatigue, single battlepass per year allow more people to spend money.

  27. If they would have just put it inside dota instead of being a standalone game it would have been played much more. Autochess is still fun and pretty consistently at the top of the arcade after all this time.

  28. Valve wants Underlord to be playable in mobile, they are hyped when they figure so much how enjoyable playing Underlords during gym or lunch break. Valve neglecting bug fix on mobile is what killed Underlords at first.

  29. Getting 16k is hard due to low population between 15500 to 16000, Once you reach 15500 unless you queued on prime time where top 50 online you are gettig hard climb (- mmr for third place).

  30. Try maintaining 15k mmr because once you drop you'll be matched with non Lords of White Spire and your mmr gains will be rekt (non top 3 resulting in more than -30). As someone who climbing from 13k to 15k thrice and getting top 10 leaderboard thrice too (16000+) i suggest to plan for to get top 4 and prioritizes lvl 2 or lvl 3 unit to get quick three stars. Pick lineup that guarantee spec / alchemist / lycan / slark on first round, dont spend too much on first round if you get bad roll just lose to get free roll. Annesix with convert >>>> Enno brawl out > Jull barrell > Enno healing > Annesix healing > Jull healing > Hobgen.

  31. There is 0 reason why all tips shouldn't be mutable and people arguing against it are braindead

  32. Valve won't because they designed tip as "positive behaviour feature" and offensive tipping as people "misusing" the feature. Also they monetized tipping for BattlePass, they don't hide monetized feature.

  33. Valve wont allow this lol, the only way i van see they do this is by making you pay for new heroes.

  34. You and your teammate of 3 months were trying to qualify for the most important tournament of the game and your teammate just got a horrible personal loss that would most probably impact their ability to do their best and you decided to just give them a chance, possibly putting on hold everything you worked for?

  35. MidOne has history of backstabbing, he also the one who try to kick Mushi from Fnatic.

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