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  1. What was this building to at the time? Didn't Kenny only do a mixed tag at Ultimate Party for DDT since leaving New Japan?

  2. Most likely Kenny vs Endo for the KOD title as part of Kenny’s belt collector saga. Unfortunately the global pandemic happened.

  3. Depends if the Elite vs BCC program will continue to build towards Blood and Guts. Kenny has a big singles match at the end of the month, so he’s also gonna have to focus on that.

  4. Warrior Wrestling has done a similar match called “War of Attrition” but instead of going into a 4 way, the 4 man team breaks into a 2 on 2 and then the winning team decides a winner in a 1 on 1.

  5. Build probably starts tomorrow. The Kenny vs Ospreay match won’t be confirmed until this saturday, so that build will start at earliest next week. There’s also a tour in japan in the middle of the month, so don’t expect any too nooj stars that week.

  6. Why do they make these so short? I really want to see AEW do a longer term tournament like the G1 Climax or Bound for Glory

  7. AEW fans hate tournaments as it is, so giving them more than 3 weeks would lead to non stop bitching every week.

  8. If you’ve been paying attention, the Wato push isn’t so surprising. He got the biggest shine in the 4 way at the Dome, and then he won the main event of the junior festival a few months ago. I think he’s for sure winning the tournament at this point.

  9. If there is a fair god, then he won’t allow the world we live in be one where not only Punk splits from AEW, but also where fucking Raj got a story right.

  10. Pink and gold really blend well together.

  11. I don’t know why Tony has given this much power to Punk. Whatever short term ratings/tickets boost you might get can’t possibly be worth the long term damage.

  12. That one landing from the dropkick at 4:33 gave Kenny vertigo for years.

  13. Is that an all timer for folks being quiet for a wrestler's intro and then screaming for their win?

  14. It doesn’t help that Speedball’s Impact theme is one of the worst themes you could give to a wrestler like Bailey.

  15. It replaced the TNT title in the sense of being the workhorse belt since too many people were complaining about the former belt not having enough “stories” built around it.

  16. I mean it is a New Japan produced show lol.

  17. The HBO max thing is a rumor not backed up by any credible source it’s just what some hopeful fans online think.

  18. I appreciate the arbitrary goalposts.

  19. “Think logical” says the dude using imaginary numbers to make an argument for an imaginary failure. It doesn’t matter what number they are given. To people like you, it will always be a failure if they don’t reach your imaginary goalpost.

  20. Wow I genuinely do not want to see this match

  21. I would rather she beat Cargill for a title than Jamie which was looking like the direction anyways.

  22. They also buried Meltzer and Alvarez to add more fuel to the fire.

  23. WWE scouts pay more attention to who shows up on AEW Dark before they would notice anyone from Impact.

  24. So what about Rampage? Will it be a Dynamite spillover?

  25. Dave confirmed it will still be taped after Dynamite and continue airing on TNT.

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