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  1. You mean the Sky that’s owned by Rupert Murdoch is posting shit news from a shit tabloid? Well, colored me surprised!

  2. Rupert Murdoch hasn’t owned Sky for years now FFS.

  3. I hope Ronaldo manages to have a great game sometime this world cup just to piss off this sub

  4. People keep saying things like this as though there's no-one on the sub who is pissed off he keeps failing to have a great game, making it harder for them to defend his honour when he gets criticised.

  5. I mean he’s coming off the bench now. Settle down

  6. At no point has anyone claimed that it's complicated or some impossible puzzle that needs the greatest minds to solve, but that doesn't mean you just snap your fingers and teleport there does it? If he says he wants to come back then he'll need to know where to go and when and what he'll need to do. That was the point of the article at the time it was posted and clearly it has changed since then.

  7. Woke up this morning thinking thered be games. Life is gonna feel weird when wc is over :(

  8. Man City and Liverpool play in the Carabao Cup two days after the World Cup final, you're not going to have a chance to miss football.

  9. I wonder if those that are criticizing the dancing have seen any of the celebrations in an NFL game? Their heads would probably explode in a rage.

  10. Said as though you can't get penalized for taunting and excessive celebrations in the NFL.

  11. No, said as though if they have an issue with dancing they'd have a huge issue with group celebrations that include props.

  12. It's a regular and accepted part of the sport in the NFL, so why would people get upset about it? And again, teams can still get penalties for excessive or provocative celebrations in the NFL, just like they can in football.

  13. Will most of Juve’s top players leave if they don’t have champions league football to offer?

  14. It would depend on how long we didn't have it for. If it was one season, I doubt it, if it was two or more, some might.

  15. After watching the last few weeks I'd say playing Champions League again is not an option. Didn't I just read the guy who doesn't care about money just sued Juventus for bonus money?

  16. Just because you are incredibly rich doesn’t mean you accept not being paid money you are owed. If we were supposed to have paid him that money by now, why wouldn’t he pursue it?

  17. Of course there is no problem because there is respect. Ronaldo's issue was not just being benched in man u. He made it clear it was the lack of respect he got there.

  18. He claims he got no respect, but you can only take his word for that. Erik ten Hag bent over backwards to be respectful of Ronaldo in his press conferences and interviews.

  19. Ten Hag seemed to be respectful but in his interview Ronaldo said that the club didn't believe him that his daughter was sick and in hospital. Maybe that's a lie from him, but if it's not for that to happen about 4 months after you lost your infant child would probably irreparably damage your relationship with a club. Though like I said he may have made it up or just interpreted things wrong from the club, though I do remember most of our fans didn't believe he had personal reasons to stay in Portugal at the time either

  20. He asked to skip the start of pre-season training and he was allowed to. His daughter may have really been ill, but his extra time off also coincided with Mendes mouthpiece Duncan Castles putting a story out about Ronaldo wanting to leave, so he’s either lying or it is Mendes who is at fault for allowing that Castles story to be published, which made it easier to believe he was just trying to get a move.

  21. This is good. His finishing has been poor tbis WC. If this is him getting back on form, that's a good sign for Portugal.

  22. I'm pretty sure the previous 83 minutes were a much better sign for Portugal than a miles offside Ronaldo putting the ball in the net quite well.

  23. In other washed national team legends news: Xherdan Shaqiri

  24. The mad lad's only gone and scored a hat trick! What a legendary night Ramos is having. It's a really smart finish for the goal too.

  25. Time for Bruno Fernandes to show everyone that he’s Portugal’s most influential player. I mean, he’s done that already in this tournament, but now Ronaldo won’t be on the pitch for his toadying fans to credit him with ‘assists’ for failing to get a touch on a cross/shot.

  26. Bono has taken Morocco to the edge of qualifying for the next round, Luis Enrique is suddenly mullen his future, and I can't think of an Adam Clayton pun.

  27. Another situation where Chaddri had to get his head up and make a big decision. He never had the time to get that far into the penalty area without taking a shot, but he clearly didn't have the confidence with the ball at his feet to recognise that the space he was in was rapidly disappearing.

  28. This match almost reminds me of the Disgrace of Gijon

  29. You're complaining that I edited in the part about Pogba hours after I did it and after replying to me for a second time? You're not doing well here mate.

  30. It's insane, Portugal might reach the finals for the first time and you want to get rid of CR7? How dumb is the portuguese media?

  31. They’ve got three games to win to reach the final. They could easily lose today or get a spanking off Spain. No-one is saying ‘Don’t put Ronaldo on the pitch again’.

  32. Spain could get a spanking off Morocco with the way the world cup's been so far tbf. Can't just assume stuff.

  33. I'm not assuming anything. I'm responding to someone talking about Portugal potentially reaching the final before they've played their first knockout game, and as though dropping Ronaldo would make it impossible for them to do so.

  34. Raphinha appears to be unaware that footballers can use their heads to score goals.

  35. Brazil are absolutely roasting South Korea here, and this could go down as one of the great World Cup performances, but fuck me, these celebrations are just taking the piss now.

  36. Not sure why they're allowing the entire Brasil team to celebrate and then giving them even more time to do a little dance.

  37. Japan really had to fire a cross into the penalty area there, just casually passing it around with 20 seconds left makes no sense.

  38. Most of the people mentioning it don't even know what it is, they've just seen other people saying it and want to join in.

  39. The secret to Portugal winning the World Cup is not starting Ronaldo for the rest of the tournament and then bringing him on in the 72nd minute of the final to score the winner.

  40. If he rejected them 6 months ago, why would he join them now?

  41. No competitive team wanted him that badly in the summer. With the way he's been playing and the way he's left Man Utd, I can't see many teams lining up to make an offer unless he's willing to accept drastically reduced wages.

  42. Played so well for united last year then boom downward spiral

  43. He scored goals for Man Utd last season. He didn't play well for Man Utd last season.

  44. Both my maw and da were at this and both say the Saudi team did not look U-16 lol. All very Scottish that this team went on to do sweet fuck all.

  45. He probably thinks I'm still watching the game and absolutely loving England running the show instead of switching to NFL Redzone at half-time and not switching back!

  46. Bellingham and Hendo linking up is like a glimpse in to the future.

  47. Ridiculous that Walker wasn't booked for that, as straightforward as yellow cards get.

  48. This isn't a disallowed goal, the referee had stopped play before Giroud shot.

  49. Shouldn't have. Goalie looked up to see if the ball was being cleared, realized he had no chance to get up and get into position, flopped around like a fish.

  50. If you say so. It still doesn't count as a shot, and it's not a disallowed goal.

  51. The federations who were pushing to wear the armband have embarrassed themselves and made the players look like idiots in this whole mess. They declared their captains were going to wear the armbands before they got an answer from FIFA about if they would be allowed to, and also strongly suggested that they would defy FIFA and wear them anyway if they didn't get it.

  52. That is a horrific finish by Lautaro Martinez, but you must feel like even more of a fanny spamming a shot like that over the bar when it's Lionel Messi who has teed you up to score.

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