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  1. Garnt is definitely the Megumin simp. Have you not seen his video advertising the Megumin app?

  2. I have all three and they look pretty good together. Wish they made a Nia statue (and Nendoroid) too

  3. And uh… how did he get there? How was his corpse body there? How did the cloning machine activate?

  4. Obviously his body was retrieved by whomever made the ancient sith knife that told you where the Death Star throne room ended up

  5. Her plot wasn't abandoned though. She died without accomplishing anything

  6. We didn’t see her die, though. The last thing we see of her is her walking in the Dark Ocean with a rifle.

  7. does the artist have a uncensored version on patreon? anyone know?

  8. Don't look at the hands. Once you see it you can't unsee it.

  9. It’s the imagination, words and AI are just medium to express. Art is all about sharing your imagination to the wider audience regardless of the medium

  10. If you want to use words to express your imagination, go write some short stories. You’ll get something that actually uses your imagination

  11. Sam Wilson was Captain America in the comics as well so I don't know what to say

  12. To be fair, they weren’t too happy about it when he picked up the shield. So at least they’re consistent in their terrible opinion

  13. Your title isnt fair. It’s only January, there’s plenty of time for a dumber one to pop up.

  14. I recall a time I had worked for Amazon, but was agency scum and not full time. They had a rule you have be at your station by your shift start time, if not you got dicked 15 minutes pay and so on. I came in late one day due to heavy traffic and was bearly moving for 20 minutes. I called them to let them know thinking it was the right thing. At least they would know i was trying right? But alas no they docked me both my brakes pay and said if it happened again it would be worse and likely sacked. Like I said i was agency scum. I found something out their rule was you had to be ON SITE by the start time and not at your station, just the supervisor said this. So I rolled in casual clocked in 2 minutes before and strolled yo my station. Supervisor said "your late again full days pay will be docked" I just smiled and said " might want to double check the rules there as I am on time" nothing was said again but they did change it to be at the station for the start and if you are going to be late to call in. Wasn't a hero just someone who wasn't going to take their BS over a couple of minutes late due to something outside of my control

  15. He told you a full day’s pay would be docked? Did you pull out your phone, turn on the recorder, and ask him to repeat himself?

  16. I think the point is not to make the boss look good. The point is to get the group as a whole to understand the policy and that everyone is accountable to adhering to it.

  17. If the only way the boss can think to do that is to humiliate a worker in front of everybody, they’re a shit boss. The only thing you’re going to get is a growing sense of resentment among your workers

  18. Whatever "wiz kid" that came up with the idea to increase prices to $35 a figure, then mark them "on sale" for $20 in like 3 months should be the first fucker fired. I cannot believe a huge company like this would be so short sighted. I feel bad for the people who will be laid off because it surely won't be their faults for this ineptitude.

  19. Whomever is making the decisions at Hasbro should definitely be canned. Hell, just look at how quickly they destroyed D&D’s profitability

  20. Great ‘Magic Box’ writer. It’s similar to the show Lost, every game opens new mysteries and answers ild ones, constantly gives fans stuff to theorise and discuss. He has his flaws but every KH game has me on my toes, literally anything could happen. Think he’s great at teases too, stuff like Xigbar Luxu was built up pretty well

  21. Fingers crossed that, unlike JJ Abrams, Nomura actually knows what’s inside that magic box

  22. How do I access the story of the mobile games? I felt pretty left in the dark after kh3 despite playing 1.5-2.8. Any help would be appreciated!

  23. You can download the KHUX app or you can check out the cutscenes on YouTube. KHUX and Dark Road are on the same app. KHUX is cutscene only (which isnt really the best option because it’s broken down by world with no option for chronological order) and Dark Road is playable offline.

  24. No. Dark Road is a sequel to UX, but UX has a lot of important information you want to know before going into Dark Road. But I think you can get everything you need by watching Damo’s full UX summary

  25. I’m a trans woman and honestly I kinda think she’s one of us. She’s got some telltale signs of internalized transphobia. Plus she used a male pseudonym when she started writing.

  26. Not even when she started writing, she started using the Robert Galbraith pen name after Harry Potter finished. According to an interview with NPR, she also created a very detailed biography for him.

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