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  1. Where I live in Ontario the city planted thousands upon thousands of Ash trees about 30-50 years ago. They have all been decimated by the EAB. Most recieved treatment, but never seemed to work.

  2. Skunks make my lawn look just like this. Brown is from the grubs, holes are maybe from skunks digging for the grubs.

  3. So Doug Ford shoots Ontario then pans to the camera and says "why are the Liberals and NDP running the province?". Do I have it right?

  4. Kind of. I see this one with different captions but I never understand it. I must be missing the reference or something.

  5. Does everyone agree this at the very least distracting, and at worst damaging, to the children in those classrooms he teaches. So why is he permitted to do so?

  6. Someone in the field of counter extremism who focuses on hate based ideologies, as opposed to other ideologies centered around religion, politics, etc.

  7. Ah that makes total sense. So they oppose hate. Can you define hate? I hate broccoli. My kids hate naps. People living in the Congo hate QEII. Some people hate cardigans. It's so much easier now that you've explained it.

  8. I know you can't give me a definition of hate. I was being facetious (plus contrary and obtuse).

  9. Please pay particular attention to your school board trustees

  10. It's a charity that advocates for victims of intimate partner violence.

  11. I wondered that too. Wasn't a problem for me, because we have a functioning marriage but I could see it causing much confusion and grief for others.

  12. Could be the terracotta. It absorbs moisture so the soil may not be staying moist enough.

  13. Perfect example. Why shouldn't we run our hospitals like hotels

  14. Is the 19th a stat holiday in the UK?

  15. Yes? I was just wondering what they had done in the UK.

  16. Your best bet to get more information is to contact your local Family & Childrens Services Office.

  17. So what happens when Pfizer releases their trivalent vaccine later this fall? Is it going to 3 months or 6 months from this one?

  18. Get your vaccine and stay $afe friend.

  19. I could only put down 4 and it was hard to visually represent that

  20. A picture of a blood sucking parasite would have sufficed. Everyone would have known it was a landlord.

  21. "This is not a victory for me, it's a victory you for!" PP upon being elected leader. Can't make this shit up

  22. I have so many questions. But I think we can all agree that we've found the winner.

  23. Help you out how? By consolidating your guilty feelings and your fear of telling your parents. Sorry son, these are the trials by fire you have to go through while you find your footing in life. You some want advice though? Keep your web of lies small and manageable. Fess up and keep this one out of your web.

  24. My response seemed dramatic? Certainly wasn't my intention.

  25. So saying the word normal means you're a far right extremist now? Got it. I guess if I don't wear a mask indoors like the majority of people now I'm suddenly a far right Trump supporter.

  26. If you don't wear a mask you're also a racist and a murderer and all the vulnerable and old people will be murdered by your racist ass

  27. Shocking. He seemed so incredibly stable.

  28. Honestly, good people don't get fired for unpaid coffee, particularly in a unionized environment. If you're employer has terminated you for "theft" over coffee and your union isn't grieving it and supporting you, the writing's on the wall that they either needed to eliminate your position or they simply didn't like you for one reason or another.

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