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  1. Greninja- Naruto Conkeldur- Sakura Seviper- Sasuke Raikou- Kakashi Lucario- Neji Garchomp- Kisame

  2. An unconventional card I run in my deck that helps is King Tiger Wanghu. Shuts down Numerons and Floo if they don't have droplet or imperm in hand.

  3. I just need someone to trade and trade back my Scyther so it can evolve

  4. People voting Guy seem to forget the man's specialty is Dynamic KICK. He is a born striker.

  5. Get DUO Godr-Ayed to use in the mean time and get TET BS as a back up to use for enhancing to PEN (with crons). Sell Godr-Ayed when you eventually tap pen.

  6. Is there a card like CBTG that works on spells/traps (or any GY card)?

  7. I can't tell if some of these comments are just copium for one of the most anticipated fights in the series having controversial animation quality.

  8. He's the Great Value Cestina and that's by no means a bad thing. Team-wide barriers + 20 arts to team. 5 star support slot. He's good on mono water teams but has been power crept by better units over the years. Still very good for early- midgame content.

  9. Me using D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok's effect by accident. It shows literally every time I Special Summon a monster, and sometimes I think I press the cancel button, but I guess I don't or the game decides the screw me rough and hard, so I have to Special Summon something stupid like Swirl Slime or Necro Slime.

  10. If you're on PC, I find that right-clicking the mouse to cancel is better than manually clicking the cancel button.

  11. The UI alone can be overwhelming but since you're just starting, I recommend you create a seasonal character (if you haven't already), hop into a seasonal server, and follow the Black Spirit quests.

  12. Would I personally do it? No, but it would be a cool option for those who would want to spend the CP to do so.

  13. The game, in general, kinda is a giant coin flip. Did you win your coin toss to go first? Did you draw the out to your opponent's negate board? Etc, etc.

  14. While I do share your frustration, I'd say to just take a break or don't play as frequently.

  15. I'll give you 2! One in OG Naruto, when Sasuke threw the demon wind shuriken at Zabuza only to find out it was Naruto with a kunai to help free Kakashi.

  16. Was rewatching with my kid and was surprised I had to hold some tears back on ep1 when Iruka claimed Naruto as part of Konoha as it pans over to him clutching the scroll and balling his eyes out after knowing how the series ends.

  17. yes we all know that, Konami implanted a chip in our brain to scan what we want for cards and give us the opposite its common knowledge

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