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  1. Unfortunately, it was. 😂 Otherwise, you are blind and an idiot that believes that bot never do ff with crossbow fiesta 😏

  2. You're really an idot, i'm actually laughing at you 😂😂😂😂 you're the one that is hurt. 😂 😂 😂 😂

  3. Okay bro thank you very much I appreciate that, your sympathy means a lot to me it really does. You can go now, take care. 👍

  4. He’s playing casual and having fun and not try harding

  5. He literally strafed & your aim was bad. You also have headshot only mode enabled.

  6. The first kill you're swiping over him like crazy lmao, you die right there with any other gun. Guess I'll cope with being diamond where you can't do anything resembling this shit show. "Roni is garbage" lmao so in denial

  7. The picture is blurry because tigress be chocking on that fat cock causing her eyes to water.

  8. if you are, plz don't use mnk on console

  9. you using a non standard conteoller then?(eg razor)becuz last time i played on console even the highest sensitivity didn't support this level of acceleration

  10. You have to change your controller rotation from Updated to Classic in the controls menu, most controller players never do it so when they see Classic rotation gameplay like this they think it’s MnK.

  11. Well no, just go see how the game looks on plat+ and competitive levels.

  12. I don’t need to because I’ve played in Plat to High Diamond, in stack & some solo queue. Literally everyone has gunskill & has to play tactically to win. The plan isn’t to just run in & take gunfights willy nilly because you’ll clearly fail doing that.

  13. Right there with you, I’m passionately against some of the bullshit Lib-Lefts push onto society as a whole that I fool myself into thinking I’m Auth-Right until I remember who I am.

  14. You’re supposed to recognize it in the ban phase then leave & come back & that fixes it. Unless this is Casual.

  15. Also how do u feel about people saying high fov on systems that can’t support it fucks ur frames up

  16. I’ve been playing on PS5 140+ fps for almost 2 years now & it’s awesome, I personally don’t see any issues performance wise, I can’t say the same for PS4 since I switched to PS5 in March 2021 but at that time frames for PS4 were still locked at 59 & FOV options weren’t around.

  17. Leave asap, otherwise... You will die a very very horrible death from something called ligma.

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