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[OC] [manga spoilers] Ohara Librarian

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One Piece: Chapter 1066

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MONKEY and the SNAKES painting, 2022 vs 2019

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  1. I had 10 conversations with it. In the early part, it was accurate. The second you start getting into detail, it starts dishing out semi incoherent garbage. The harder the question, the more meaningless the answer. And that's when it's not wholesale wrong.

  2. I suppose the number one challenge is to maintain focus on a single topic long enough. Much like attending a buffet, the modern age of technology offers much quality information in vast amounts resulting in curious, wandering minds to fill their plates with too many different courses. To pick just those that align with your values and life goals and not overindulge is challenging.

  3. I agree, time management and focus are key. To me, learning how to get in flow state, in order to do deep work, has changed my life and the way I achieve my goals. It’s the only way for me to do everything that I set my mind to. And as a polymath, as you know, we want to do EEEEEVVVVEEEERRRRYYYYTTTHHHIIIINNNNGGGGG 😅

  4. Please do not evolve it just yet. It turns into a key item you will need to beat the game, but will offer no stats at all.

  5. thank you! that's what I surmised. just fully upgraded the dude and he alone caps my drop chance for the three following zones!

  6. Did you remember to unprotect before doing so?

  7. guy said "click it". i did. nothing happened. he didn't say "transform it".

  8. I feel Vegapunk, one way or another, had the Ope Ope no Mi used on his head.

  9. Nice catch. Perhaps that’s why we have law vs BB as a side story.

  10. A modern day epic that in a thousand years will be remembered along The Odyssey and The Iliad which we are very lucky to be alive the moment it is being written.

  11. Count again: ONE sentence for one piece, one paragraph for my thoughts.

  12. Is it worth it to run more than one Mayo Generator? I heard it wasn't but I don't know for certian.

  13. I’m running just 3 in the picture cause I like to have all mayos even. It helps a lot with having enough mayo at all times to cast chonkers and high priority cards.

  14. Different part of the journey, my friend! Keep this as a memento, when you get 5billion come back and report :)

  15. How many loot boxes have you bought and which one is your favorite?

  16. I feel Ace is overused. For some reason he HAS to have a connection with future arcs? I can understand Yamato, but Otama? Why? Yamato should be more than enough.

  17. It’s a bit weird that chopper’s bounty is still hella low considering people have seen him fight. You’d imagine with how the marines gather information regarding bounties even on the most remote places, that they’d be able to piece together how strong chopper is. But nope.

  18. My theory: it’s because choppers fruit is special. I CANNOT just be a “human human” fruit with no tag or model! World government knows… ;)

  19. Blackbeard has great ambition yet weak willpower

  20. Correction. Teach has weak willpower. Blackbeard has rather strong willpower!

  21. I liked it. Rephrase it a bit and you can have a solid one liner!

  22. Try this: what do you have if your donkey eats the legs off of my rooster? . . . Two feet of my cock in your ass!

  23. Lesbians: the MC Escher staircase of relationship dynamics.

  24. That’s a very, very intellectual comment for its own good!

  25. I like how the 2019 painting conveys the idea but the 2022 conveys art.

  26. Hah, you overestimate me! I meant, can YOU make it as an emoji so I can use it!

  27. Oh, haha😅 Sorry, but I don't really know how to make emojis either! All I can do is to give you the .png version with cut out background, so that you can somehow figure out how to make them from there on. I'm sure there's lots of tutorials on the internet on how to do it.

  28. You are to giving, my friend. I will not take it as I cannot do justice to it. Thank you, though. Will be in the lookout for more of your work. Cheers!

  29. There is no chin underneath Chuck Norris’s beard. Just another fist.

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