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  1. It seems like maybe you are advocating for greater scientific literacy? People being equipped with more tools to understand what a scientific study is saying and the scope of the study's findings?

  2. I think this is the crux of the problem. If more people understood the scientific method on a basic level, I feel like more people would demand rigorous scientific research that is unbiased and not beholden to interests. Our current system of having competing "studies" that appeal to biases or economic interests just sows distrust in all of scientific research.

  3. Why do you believe that the US wouldn't default if we don't pass a higher debt ceiling? That's literally the function of the bill, to prevent default.

  4. If we forced every compulsive liar in politics to resign, Washington DC would be a national park instead of a city.

  5. Objectively, the casual adoption of raciist language is still a mechanism of oppression.

  6. I’m black, I certainly wouldn’t enjoy someone using the n-word for the lulz. The other black people I know myself would probably agree. Do we have more pressing issues? Yeah, but it sounds like you’re downplaying this one ya know?

  7. I get what you mean for sure, and honestly I probably shouldn't really be commenting on it because it's not my experience.

  8. I haven't been since before the pandemic, but my friends have reported it's just as frightening scent-wise as before.

  9. I'm from Missouri, if you like hiking, cold winters, and southern style food it's not bad. I currently live in Texas but it's nothing like the wild west unless you're in west Texas, the Dallas-Ft. Worth area is super metropolitan down town Dallas is like the London, NYC, or L.A of the south

  10. New Jersey. Don't worry about it and just mind your own business.

  11. Mr Rodger's Neighborhood would probably be the closest we're going to get

  12. I think it's the best cost/benefit the United States has ever gotten in terms of a military operation.

  13. Sounds like a great 12hr vacation

  14. It's great if you have a sleeper car, if you just have a normal seat it can get uncomfy fairly quickly

  15. Hell, I live in Oakland and every week in our yard we get deer, skunk, possum, racoons, the occasional fox, turkeys, the occasional coyote…

  16. I'm in Chicago and we get coyotes roaming the inner city pretty frequently these days

  17. Lmao might aswell just give the degree away

  18. Without a consquence to poor budgeting by congress, what incentive is there to budget responsibly?

  19. There is no point in having it. The consequences of not raising it would be so dire as to render it a useless threat.

  20. Two things seem like they would run afoul of the "Stop WOKE Act":

  21. ...the belief there are systemic injustices in American society and the need to address them.” - presumably this course claimed that systemic injustice can be a real thing (and that it should be addressed).

  22. I remember the explanation for why there was live ammo on the set and the answer was "incase anyone wanted to do some shooting ". I was stunned as I've never worked anywhere that provides firearms and ammo.

  23. Yeah, at first I thought this was a tragic accident but the more I learn about the situation it seems like clear negligence.

  24. It's only unconstitutional if the courts (and ultimately SCOTUS) says it is. We can read it however we want, but theirs is the only opinion that matters.

  25. Not the same though. Murder is you killing someone illegally and purposefully. It's an act. Just because you didn't get caught doesn't change the fact that you murdered someone.

  26. *If you agree that they were stored inadvertently, then logically you agree that there is no reason to expect visitor logs. *

  27. I have no idea what you expect to get out of this conversation at this point.

  28. I'm cool with it in the sense that we already do it. I want to see it addressed. But at this point I'd rather it be made clear to the people that their money is irrelevant because the government isn't accountable to it or the people in any way that matters. They just inflate your currency away to do whatever they want regardless of how much they tax you.

  29. Honestly, I can't argue with this point at all from a pragmatic sense

  30. Because I want the government out of the industry entirely. Not more involved

  31. Genuine question - Do you believe that the government not being involved would increase quality of care and/or reduce prices? Or is it more of a philosophical belief that it isn't the government's job to be involved in healthcare?

  32. I've got to do that next summer. I haven't done one in probably 10 years.

  33. The Architecture Boat Tours are properly rated in my mind. The reputation is that it's the best way to see and learn about the architecture of the Loop and River North and that is spot on.

  34. From what I remember from looking it up the other day, my Google search showed several articles, the primary one being from National Geographic. I don't have time to search for it right this second but I'll look later if you still can't find it.

  35. Found it! I'm very interested in learning more about the topic, I hope my comment didn't come off as distrusting or argumentative.

  36. This is not an evolution thing, that is a misinformed argument. While true that it's not necessarily one specific event, it has more to do with shifting social values over time largely due to cultural and religious influence than it has to do with evolution. Newer data suggests that those hunter/provider roles that we've assumed have been primarily fulfilled by men may have actually been up to 50% women instead.

  37. That's interesting, can you proved any of that data? My quick Google search hasn't found much

  38. Craigy Ferg had the most underrated and enjoyable late night show ever (Vice Desus and Mero excluded). Really hope this comes through.

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