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  1. It was a discord serv. Idr what happened. Wait as I typed this I realized no it wasn't, that was for the circle. Anyway bye

  2. No, you’re right! We did make a Discord server and we tried making recommendations for people based on info they put in a survey. Sadly, it died out pretty quickly since people weren’t stuck in pods and forced to focus on responding to others. 😂

  3. Hey mod why do you report me for report abuse but allow so many duplicate posts on the sub? I know you're doing your best and so am I, I'm not trying to create problems I'm just helping out

  4. I haven’t reported anyone for report abuse, but feel free to modmail us.

  5. Cautiously allowing this since it’s being posted by a contestant, but please remember that Shayne’s allegations still qualify as unverified tea!

  6. Reminder: this is not currently tagged as a spoiler post, so please avoid discussing episode specifics unless OP chooses to spoiler tag! Thanks!

  7. I love this so much 🤩 Truly wild seeing how active our sub is (thriviiiiing) and such a great reminder to report stuff as well! Thank you for putting this together!

  8. How come no one’s talking about how bizarre it is that someone took a video of Becca and Thomas and then airdropped it to them? Fame seems awful.

  9. Do you think melting crayons to paint with would be at all effective? Or would they also have weird toxins?

  10. It depends on what pigments were used to colour the various crayons. I know a lot of crayons are marketed as "non toxic" but they aren't formulated to be heated. I'd do some research into what was used to colour the crayons you want to heat and compare it to the list I provided of toxic chemicals to avoid.

  11. Yeah, I was just thinking typical Crayolas, not sure if they’re transparent about the pigments they use. But I’ll try to find out. Thanks again!!!

  12. Sorry OP! Clearly this troll is just bitter. They’ve been banned!

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