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  1. There is no such thing as a great land-to-air defense system. It doesn't exist.

  2. more trump-voting christian fundamentalists defending US. What could go wrong.

  3. It did contribute to the current state. We have had to fire about 45% of the combined German militaries within 3 to 4 years after reunification.

  4. Why won't they use French planes and nuclear weapons then?

  5. I wondered what "plywood" meant in that context.

  6. Corporate PR from weapons manufacturers is not new, and it's always hilarious. And I am all for it :)

  7. It is also cognate to churl, „Kerl“ in German, so he‘s just named „dude“ basically.

  8. This was galling to me. There were a lot of things in the opinion that seemed to purposefully use bad reasoning as a statement of power, more than as a legal justification. This is one of them. The right to contract is not in the Constitution anywhere. There's a limitation on what state's can do to existing contracts in Art I Sec 10. But for 70ish years after the adoption of the 14th Amendment it was entirely viewed through that right and this is the period those justices mostly clearly want to return to. There's no right to the freedom of association, but it's been found to be necessary for the exercise of other rights. If someone passed a law prohibiting the GOP as a party it's clear that would be unconstitutional. So this whole argument about enumerated rights vs unenumerated rights seems not only dishonest, but purposefully so.

  9. I recently attended a lecture by a prominent UChicago economist on the contributions of each of the Economics Nobelists. I'm a senior risk manager by trade, at one of the largest brokerages in the world, working on risk analytics. The only Nobel prize that I use in my work is the one granted to Merton and Scholes for option pricing in 1997 (Black had died and the Nobel is not awarded posthumously). Pretty much every other Nobel prize in Economics is essentially irrelevant to my work of measuring and managing risk on an 11-figure portfolio.

  10. Taleb shouldn't be considered for a Nobel any more than John Bogle should have been considered for a Nobel.

  11. The only true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing.

  12. True wisdom is also not mentioning that you know nothing during a job interview.

  13. Just something to consider here: this is yet another way for corporations to say they are reducing waste by shifting responsibility onto you — who may not live in an area with good recycling programs/infrastructure.

  14. What state are you in? In California anything a company sends you that you did not order is free for you to keep and you are under no obligation to return it to get your correct item mailed/refunded

  15. The law is more limited than you think and doesn't apply to Amazon mistakenly sending you the wrong item.

  16. I'm curious to hear thoughts on the idea that this is part of the larger transformation from an ownership society to a renters society.

  17. That’s pretty myopic. The problem with markets is that people will reliably make short-term rational decisions (buy cheap at Walmart) instead of long-term rational decisions (maintaining a healthy local economy) every time.

  18. You have invented out of whole cloth the idea that rejecting walmart will lead to a "long-term rational decision" by maintaining "a healthy local economy".

  19. Definitely dont need a storage unit at all either if you are conscious of what you own

  20. And if you don't mind keeping your snow tires in the living room.

  21. JFC I’m so happy I live near a trailhead and it passes near my work

  22. I mean, it's not like the dead are going to post.

  23. Yes, in and around Berlin. Ironically, things get better the closer you are to the city centre, it’s mostly the outer boroughs that have garbage bicycle infrastructure (if they have any at all) and the most traffic. And if you consider where most people a driving to, it’s especially infuriating, because Berlin has excellent public transit, meaning it’s just laziness that makes people drive. There’s no relevant elevations to speak of either, and even if there were, pedelecs are a thing (I have on myself which I prefer to ride in the city due to having to stop at traffic lights every two metres).

  24. I've lived in several places in Germany, and spent time in several others... and no place in Germany is a bad for biking as Berlin.

  25. People like the omafiets, but I'll go with the classic 1950's raleigh 3-speed.

  26. That’s not true, though. Multiple authors have all come forward saying they’re the ones being made to pay the refund, not Amazon.

  27. Yeah I stick around on the sub because this community has a lot of good tips for budgeting.

  28. Another Masshole here, nearly forty years in eastern and central mass, and while I don’t recall ever hearing the phrase before it sounds pretty cromulent to me.

  29. The usual distinction I've heard in the midwest is that a basement can be accessed from inside the house, while for a cellar, you go outside, pull up a cover over what looks like an extra large window well (but with no window), and go down a few steps into the "cellar".

  30. Some racks come with a ramp for e-bikes, or you can buy it as an accessory. I don't know if that's an option.

  31. It is absurd that we are still carrying electric bikes to find a place we feel safe riding. Want to make the transition to a greener economy? Make our streets walkable or give us segregated bike lanes. Most communities cannot be crossed one minute faster at 45mph than at 20. That assumes you don't get stopped at any lights or by motorists slowing to turn. You are 85% likely to die being struck at 45 and under 15% at twenty. We are killing people so we can sleep an extra minute or two each day!

  32. I live in a very bikeable area. But sometimes I travel out of town.

  33. I am looking for a bike rack for a couple of gazelle ebikes. I checked the motowus site but they were not super helpful answering my concerns and there is not a lot of information and don’t seem very popular. I wonder if the Kuat 2.0 or the 1up racks would work given my bikes have fenders? Thank You guys.

  34. I have a Kuat and it works - the "hook" that goes over the front fender doesn't need to be cranked down; it's more to just steady the bike.

  35. In 2015, I refinanced for less than $500, including appraisal.

  36. Historical ignorance? Not enough acquaintances in Eastern Europe? Revolution-as-therapy?

  37. This comment section is atrocious. The fact that multiple people are enraged by the concept of something being “political” that doesn’t fit into their narrowly constructed common usage of the term is hilarious.

  38. I only discovered this American word "brats" today. I wish I had not have. It makes me feel... unwell.

  39. How do you feel about the German word "Pommes"?

  40. Potions too, for that matter, are brewed. Cooking something in hot water is the traditional definition of brewing. In this case, your example of beer brewing is actually the minority sense. Many things can be brewed, as in, cooked in boiling, i.e. brewing water. Just because a usage is uncommon or archaic or unfamiliar to you does not mean it's wrong.

  41. Why don’t 100% of people just subscribe to the “buy and hold” strategy?

  42. I am curious how they chose the properties to compare. They used “80% of the medium home price” but is that the median sales price vs median rental price? How exactly can you compare living in an apartment building to living in a single family house for example. Did they compare renting a 1400sq ft house vs buying that same or close to similar property. I need some kind of value metric to make sense of the data.

  43. I've always thought owning something should cost more than renting something. I realized something is fucked up with rental industry as when I bought a 3 bedroom house, the monthly mortgage payment was less than monthly rent for a two bedroom apartment in the same city. The house is newer, came with better basically everything, and if you count the basement and garage, is well over twice the size of the apartment and sits on a one acre lot. I feel horrible for anyone who is stuck renting and cannot get approved for a mortgage.

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