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  1. Zombie is a military word for desperate, starved people, who are willing to do anything for food. Hollywood has deceived the term

  2. another fun fact: Zombie is a concept from Haitian voudou (voodoo) going back to the 17th century. A zombie is the product of a voudou practitioner casting a spell on their victims. In creole folklore the practitioner is often working for the overseer and this was a way to avoid slaves committing suicide as they could be reanimated and made to work the fields for eternity, while the individuals soul was never "free" to return to Africa.

  3. oh for sure, it makes sense. I just happen to have been brought up in a time and place where people truly, unequivocally believe in the possibility. Here's a good read.

  4. front: remove the frunk > pop off the cover near the winshield/wipers and the frunk plastic is held on with 7 bolts IIRC.

  5. Helping to increase and support biodiversity is more important to me than trying to artificially prevent wild animals from congregating in large groups. Plus I'm not out there disney princess style interacting with them.

  6. Bird flu devastating local populace is more of a problem than them lacking a single artificial food source.

  7. you must be an ornithologist. tell me, when the nesting requirements are the same, the migratory patterns overlap, and diets consist of the same forage how are they not coming into contact with the H5N1 pathogen? Are they all wearing their little birdy masks 24/7? How about social distancing in my arborvitae?

  8. A wen 4000w invertor thats dual fuel. I believe they all can be run in parallel as well. One of these days I'll pickup a second one.

  9. It makes no sense to restrict it. Do they really expect people to rip out PBX systems overnight and cut over everyone at once?

  10. Yeah it was said a hobby balloon group was missing a balloon and everyone just started saying that's what it was. Later the hobby group said it probably wasn't their balloon.

  11. Everyone parrots this shit but very few people have done any fucking follow up. I've posted the same god damn update so many fucking times here in UFO and get down voted to oblivion. You all dont want the truth, you just want to LARP.


  13. ITT: the amount of people who think their money in the bank is still their money. Yet, they will be the first to tell you that guns, food, other preps stored somewhere else isnt theirs until its in their hot little hands.

  14. Looks like 3CX might be coming to the realization they overplayed their hand.

  15. So? Thats a structural issue on the depositor. Anyone can structure their holdings in such a way that all or as much as they want are insured. Fuck, no one here has ever heard of CDARS.

  16. How is that a structural issue on the depositor.

  17. As the other poster mentioned, that card is older and I believe only has 2gb of onboard video memory, and a fairly slow memory speed. However, given that many folks are not interested in trying a discrete GPU swap in a mobile device, I would suggest looking into an SSD.

  18. I will! My husband goes through lots of batteries for his Xbox controller, so we cycle through them well enough that it shouldn’t matter too much :)

  19. The idea is instead of looking out for an answer look within yourself. You ever find it strange that these “beings” are supposed to be the most advanced genetically and physically yet they are using the God template of man 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 of everything. Shit if I was an alien I wouldn’t be copying the shape of something that is less than me. Almost always are the aliens BIPEDAL. It’s funny too because even Angels take the shape of man when in our realm. The design is very human.

  20. ...or we lack creativity and humans like to anthropomorphize everything.

  21. why not get the tesla mobile connector? why trust some amazon trash over the OEM charging solution that does what you want?

  22. Dude so what exactly is that first pic showing?? I live in Morgantown WV and that green plume goes right on top of me

  23. The first image is "ejected" pollutant mass. This was measuring the hourly release rate of pollutants on 2/8/23 between 6 and 7pm. I would not want to be anywhere near any of those squares myself. Be careful.

  24. pelletized activated carbon will remove butyl acrylate from drinking water.

  25. this is just a run of the mill battery storage solution. it is not a replacement for PV on the roof, nor is it a replacement for a generator. you still need to get electricity into the battery to be able to use it.

  26. This is not my area of expertise and we do have a few navy nukes and other nuclear folks here that can confirm, buuuut...

  27. Yeah that's an exact match for the bottom one. Haven't seen the top one yet.

  28. I've confirmed those images were originally hosted by I cant comment on their provenance any further than that... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  29. Thanks for your help. Glad we have more info and hopefully this helps some people who may have been unaware of the spread make informed decisions about whether they need to take precautions.

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