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  1. There's probably already been an episode of some Star Trek series with a similar concept to this one. Probably Next Gen, too.

  2. Doesn’t matter, we’re going to tear down their forest and build highways and shopping malls

  3. *Elf extremists return fire with balsa and kudzu seeds thrown into all the cracks in the sidewalks*

  4. Hitler backstory could be sympathetic (child of incest, beaten by his dad and lost his mom and brother in young age) but his actions are not redeemable (open history book)

  5. WWI was caused by a complex interlocking network of national alliances and political tension all tumbling down like a Jenga tower. The young men who fought it were called "The Lost Generation" because of how hopeless world felt for the veterans after they returned home.

  6. Tbf, WW2 prolly would have gone down even without Hitler, although differently. He was far from the only man with those ideas

  7. I know I saw someone online once argue that Hitler was actually pretty incompetent (served in WWI, sure, but he had hardly any experience actually being a politician before taking office, and besides that he was kind of insane) and the reason for Germany instigating WWII would have existed without Hitler (being forced to pay war reparations and falling into crippling debt)

  8. It might be too late already but - I hope you didn't go through with it. Everybody deserves to keep living, even if you think that you don't. I hate to see someone remove themselves from the earth for any reason.

  9. I always hear “Israelites” vs “Jews” when it comes to Christians and discussions of the Bible. Do some congregations say “Jews” instead? Just curious! It’s not a bad word. I just have always heard “Israelites” (not Israelis - “izz ruhl ites”)

  10. "Israelites" are like an ethnic group. They are a nation of people with similar languages and similar culture and shared ancestry (tradition says that the Israelites are all descended directly from the Biblical Jacob, who was given the name "Israel" later in life.) The Israelites are not a homogenous culture, there are multiple Israelite tribes. The area they inhabited became known generally as "Israel"

  11. Get back across the pond with your Cockney Queen's English nonsense. Here in Uhmerica, we value the traditional roles of the Somniarchy, where the one who sleeps the most is the one in charge, and their bedroom is named to reflect that.

  12. "No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money federal copyright law"

  13. Like, I even think there are modern day examples of natural, and genetically modified mammals that glow. Its even used a ton in research because its so goshdarn usefull.

  14. Yeah, scientists have made cats that can glow in the dark. They did it by adding a section of DNA from jellyfish that synthesizes bioluminescent proteins.

  15. Tomatoes were exclusive to america for a long while tho...

  16. Well then don't put tomatoes in it if you're traveling to outside of America during pre-columbian times. settle for a sandwich made of just bread and meat and cheese.

  17. Maybe you could stay here and help the people who do have depression then? It's easier to get pulled out of the water when the guy hoisting you is up on the dock.

  18. All life has value. Even the lowly maggot has value as a decomposer. You're more valuable than a maggot, you have to be.

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