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AITA for telling her to get over herself?

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  1. I just wear nursing shirts, no cover. They’re usually pretty good about limiting exposure to the bare minimum (pun unintended).

  2. Just yesterday I read a story about doctors doing an emergency c-section on a woman who showed up claiming to be in labor but when they opened her up there was no baby, hysterical pregnancy slipped through in the rush. It’s wild what the brain and body can get up to behind your back.

  3. Hahaha. Smart thinking! My mum loves her surprise, they'd been trying for a decade before giving up when menopause hit, but it definitely put my stepdad off his lunch that day when she told him. I certainly won't be relying on menopause for non-pregnancy once it's my turn - too much proof otherwise lol.

  4. For some reason I'm picturing Red Foreman putting down his sandwich and saying "we were having a nice lunch!" Must have been quite the surprise! A lovely one of course.

  5. Or it could be an issue of a new product she's wearing interacting badly and causing a genuine burn of some kind.

  6. Me either. I’ve seen 2 posts this week about third trimester grooming in my local mom’s group. One person was like “hubby won’t do it and I won’t get it waxed, not an option. What can I do?” And got completely snotty when people told her to just let it go and stop caring so much about it. I don’t get the obsession with it either. I normally groom down there, but when I was 40 weeks pregnant in the high heat of summer you bet I moseyed on up to that hospital with a full bush and cave man legs. I had a limited number of fucks to give at that point and I wasn’t spending them on my legs or coochie hair.

  7. Also if there's one thing you know for sure going in to deliver a baby, it's that the staff have definitely seen worse.

  8. Question: do you all really care how hairy your cooch is at that point?

  9. I sort of swung at it with a trimmer. But then I've never shaved anyway. Tbh tho I only trimmed because it got itchy, not because of aesthetic reasons.

  10. I honestly don't believe this story.

  11. Definitely. This sub is no longer "best of" anything, it's just a race to post anything with a lot of engagement and so much is obvious bullshit. And anyone who says it's not harmful and who cares if it's fake is wrong, because most of these bullshit stories promote some pretty dodgy ideas about the world.

  12. Ahahaha I love that reaction. I think earwigs are a lot less aggressive, though? So you should be okay!

  13. This is the best life hack ever .

  14. Welcome to female-based medicine where everything is archaic and the only solutions given are “Lose weight” or “Get on hormonal birth control”. Also we don’t do sedation here, so if you felt pain, no you didn’t.

  15. You're just being dramatic! 🙄 Ugh, IUDs are great but the insertiom process surely violates the Geneva convention.

  16. Conspiracy charges require two or more people to be in agreement towards committing a crime. So a conspiracy to do x charge would be inappropriate.

  17. The mixing cuisine thing is weird to me. Italian is a mix of old world, and new world foods. Tomatoes are not native to Italy. Neither is a lot of “authentic Italian” food.

  18. I can't imagine how OP would react to Scots-Italians. Macaroni pie, chips and lasagna, garlic bread with all the things... They'd need a fainting couch!

  19. My good gosh but chips and lasagne is absolutely my comfort dinner. Nothing fixes misery like chips and lasagne!

  20. At this point you wonder why anyone in soaps goes to their local, bloody death traps.

  21. Flip side, we have the number in 4 places. 2 by the road, 1 by the garage, and 1 by the front door. It’s impossible to get to our door without walking past at least 2 of them. It’s still every other delivery, day or night, where they ask ‘is this number one?’.

  22. Almost every house on my estate has a plate with street name and number. I've still had to come out and direct taxis that are crawling along the wrong street driven by someone squinting out the window. Infuriating and a bit terrifying...

  23. Thing is, are the plates with street name and number clear to read from the road, and in the dark? There are several estates in the area that I work that have shiny silver plates with the number and street name next to every front door, but because they are shiny metal they are impossible to read when you shine a light towards them and when not illuminated can only be read when you are directly in front of them which is not ideal when on the the road in a car in the dark. In daytime they're really easy to see but a lot of people don't consider how difficult it is in the dark when they're ordering pizza in the evening, and get annoyed that I'm not able to change the laws of physics to read their house number.

  24. Most of them are like perspex over engraved metal? So I'm not sure what they're like in the dark but most delivery drivers have no issue once they've actually found the street, which is hard with new builds. The taxi-crawling has all been middle of the day when I've had doctor's appointments to get to!

  25. But, Lilly, it's over, Lilly, why don't you get it, Lilly, your actions broke us up, Lilly, Lilly, just go, Lilly, you ain't loyal, Lilly.

  26. I red the originals and felt that way but nobody in comments I saw seemed to think the same. So I was surprised people agree with me more here.

  27. I commented on the original saying I'm leaving BORU if this pile of shite ends up here. The skepticism in the comments is renewing my faith though...

  28. Mmmm, that sounds nice. I agree with the desire for a stable present after a chaotic past. I prefer even my excitement to be well-planned and drama second hand. Give me a crazy night in of knitting, Youtube episodes of favorite British mystery shows for free, and whatever wacky snack I saw discounted at Aldi over pretty much anything.

  29. Yeah, I'm personally trying to balance the idea of not talking shit about my ex, but still validating the shitty things he's doing to my kiddo.

  30. I’d be more worried about the filming than the kissing. Like, were they planning to post it online or send it out to shame the boy? Was the daughter a participant in that?

  31. The filming is definitely the thing someone should have talked to those kids about. Not that anyone seems to have felt the need to admonish the boy...

  32. Tbh, though OP is worse, ex isn't squeaky clean either. He essentially played chicken with a toddler and while he "won" since OP came and got the kid, the real loser is that poor kid. He's nothing but collateral damage in the war btwn his parents.

  33. Thank you! She's bloody horrible, no question, but the ex got a no and still left his child at daycare! And while I have every sympathy for him and his girlfriend, he doesn't have an excuse for leaving his child at daycare with no one actually lined up to get him. These people are absolutely dreadful parents.

  34. "You hear what you want to hear" is often code for "I'm a shitty communicator and I'm making that your problem".

  35. Anything you’ve seen recently that isn’t recycled crap or a boring Hollywood trope ?

  36. Seriously, this is weaponized incompetence using his ADHD. If OP isn’t medicated for his diagnosis, he 100% needs to be before this baby is here, because you can’t leave an infant lying around with an “out of sight out of mind” mindset.

  37. I bet this arsehole blames his ADHD for every obnoxious thing he does and hasn't bothered to be considerate since he was a child. Thanks for making the rest of us with ADHD look bad, OP.

  38. I was going to say… this sounds like Chinese practice! Haha. “Baby MUST WEAR socks AND sweater even at 150 degrees Fahrenheit. No exposing the head! Too much wind! Too cold! No ice! Hot water only!” My mom tried to make me do one month confinement. That didn’t work out how she planned!

  39. I learned about this from that show Fresh Off the Boat, of all things. Not showering sounds horrifying! Chilling for 100 days though, that would have been nice...

  40. If you’ve actually seen someone on their deathbed, you would know they don’t have the strength to get up and knock a grown man to the ground.

  41. That is an absolute disgrace. Aye it wasn't the ideal thing to do but serious misconduct? That wee shite is in for a rough time when he gets a job or goes to uni and finds out he can't just do what he likes.

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