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  1. I did once too but apparently many people don’t mind a couple minutes of silence

  2. wait so some people actually just stand there for 2 minutes staring at the microwave? 💀 now, that's a level of zen I will never achieve

  3. Yeah I mean or they look out the window or drift off to imaginationland or something that isn’t sensory stimulation

  4. 2s are actually pretty selfish, they just pretend not to be because it conflicts with their self image. 9s are genuinely pretty selfless, even if it’s just because they don’t even know what their wants are

  5. That was my thought too! It was actually the daughter of the person I adopted the cat from- she hates me and also thinks I’m responsible for my other cat dying of a seizure disorder. It’s a whole thing

  6. All the neuroticism of a 6, all of the selfishness of an 8, none of the focus of either

  7. Lol @ my friends always telling me to please slow down every two minutes whenever we walk anywhere

  8. I wouldn’t be one but I will occasionally hug them depending on where they are on the scale from sincere to creepy

  9. People tend to appreciate my ability to think quickly and act decisively in stressful situations or otherwise, and I think people tend to appreciate my optimism in such situations as well

  10. Everyone develops at a different rate but core type is usually set in early childhood. Some people (including me) believe that people can take a lot longer to decide which of their wings to lean on more, so all the details of a persons type may not be fully set until adulthood. But core type is set in response to formative memories and trauma which happens early in life

  11. I would get rid of any naming or theoretical convention that is derived from or assumes the major key/chord as the default

  12. No but if they don’t want to tell you or don’t care to hear more about the enneagram it’s probably good to back off

  13. All music theory is complex concepts build directly on top of less complex concepts. You can’t learn the higher levels until you understand the levels beneath them and so forth.

  14. Best way to quickly tell a core 4 from a core 7 is how they handle negative emotions and/or dark thoughts

  15. I indulge in sadness and melancholy. I need to sometimes in order to process. Sadness can actually be beautiful at times. However, I run away from fear and shame

  16. Sounds more like 4. 7s feel pretty comfortable and familiar with fear, but not with sadness

  17. Gen X doesn’t know how to use a mechanical typewriter? Baffled by basic technology

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