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  1. I had a blue oyster strain that colonized a 15L bag rock solid in four days. Pinning by day six. Was so awesome

  2. Because they don't want to pay you what you're worth either

  3. Opening it IS risky. You need to do it inside a SAB away from your grow area and make sure to clean the area afterwards but you can transfer until you get rid of the contam. I do it in front of a laminar flow hood and then keep my flow hood on for an hour inside the room afterwards for protection. But just take a piece of mycelium that's furthest from the contamination.

  4. I’ve had success both transferring from a contaminated plate to a new one, AND, just cutting the contam out (wouldn’t try that with this one though). I do it in front of a flow hood but I think it would be probably safer with the fan off, clean the room then just turn the fan off and do it quick with low movement.

  5. I'd be worries about blowing it around the room. Or into face, And contam plates Im super careful about where n when they open. If the myc lost the agar plate battle they don't get opened. Some I wouldn't open in my house ever, it took me to long to get the clean room sorted, don't wanna risk it getting a problem again. Your brave lol

  6. I had so much fun making the last one, and there's new stuff ripening all the time!

  7. It will depend on the type of blueberries you're growing and where you live. I've found that following the advice of my local extension has been super helpful! Mine want acidic soil, a good pruning in Jan or Feb and little else. I do have to keep them netted to actually get any though.

  8. That’s the plan once my cucumber vines start really producing. I know some people like pickled peppers but I’m not going to consider that until I’ve canned my salsa for the year.

  9. I made some sweet pickled radish last night they was pretty awesome

  10. I do pgts cvg with either 2 or 3 myco quarts worth of spawn. If it's a good fast culture I'll do two quarts and if it seems normal I'll go 3. Don't forget to add oysters shell! 2 percent I believe. It raises potency.

  11. Oldest leaves first from base of stem.. You do this when you train them vertically

  12. They are everywhere I literally saw one in the city of Melbourne yesterday and hundreds up in pine forests

  13. I live in the desert though . I've found them before in the mountains before I knew about the benifits of them. Should dry a few upside down you'd sell them easy.

  14. Shit I had no idea people paid for them (other than post) didn’t think it was a huge market, I still don’t understand completely the benefits of these mushrooms

  15. There's a really good book written on them called fly agaric. It's one of the most famous mushrooms in the world. They've been used medicinally, spiritually and physically to benefits us since we were tribal people in Russia, considering they're now found worldwide, our ancestors thought they were worth spreading. It's only modern medicine and capitalist structure opposing spirituality and connectivity to nature and plant medicine that's the issue. Humans have been using them for millennia

  16. Well when their wage is a fraction of ours …

  17. Ours is $2.5/litre, not gallon. Everything's going up in Oz, but they froze all the wages during covid. Making laws to justify their bullshit but haven't changed tax breaks. Everything's about to reach breaking point, the next ten years is gonna be bad for everyone I think. Be cheaper to buy a horse at this rate

  18. Yep, and fluffy tomentose growth. You can get it clean with a few transfers that's no drama, sometimes challenging the myc with a bit of contamination makes for stronger more aggressive strains too

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