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  1. I just transferred to UCLA, and there are so many programs for community college students specifically in California to help transfer students. The CC I went to had a program called TAP where 90% of our students who complete it get into UCLA. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me. Going to a CC really changed my life and gave me a second shot at college :))

  2. Also I noticed you live in LA, Santa Monica CC has the same program and is the biggest feeder school to UCLA. UCLA also has like 35-40% population of transfer students. :)

  3. I live in LA and I love it, it is hella expensive but I think it’s manageable.

  4. ahh so nice to meet a fellow gfer!!! I'm a third year psych and philosophy major looking for a roomie for next year too, feel free to hmu! :)🫶

  5. Hey!! Would love to talk more so awesome to meet more gf people :)

  6. i already have a roommate for next year, but i have celiac too!!! good to meet a fellow gfer

  7. Was walking around at a market and found a stand that said “Gluten Free Crepes” I cried

  8. I went to CCCM for high school and church growing up- a very traumatic experience that I didn’t think was that bad till I left and grew up.

  9. Don’t go there it’s a cult (I went there for my whole life, until I left of course)

  10. I know way too much about this because I went to the original Calvary Chapel High School and church there.

  11. Genevieve and Justin have no connection like what is she talking about when she says that first day…. They had the most awkward conversation I’ve ever hear 😭

  12. $20 for a bowl ticket, will meet on campus for trade off

  13. don’t think you can transfer them

  14. I’ll respond to this assuming you’re fr for all the kiddos that are wondering I get it tho. Here’s my tips

  15. There were hella cockroaches in front of Royce that night

  16. Jarvis is actually so slay. I’m trying to go to law school and work in real estate would love to grow up to be her ✨

  17. GoodNotes is my favorite app for annotating, super easy to use and has great features. Costs $$ but I think it’s worth it. You can also pull it up on your computer :)

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