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  1. How do I get over my fear these are not real petitions and I’m actually just handing out data for farming or signing a petition to like build more toll brothers houses or something?

  2. I feel the same way. I think it's good to be skeptical of random organizations collecting petition signatures and to question whether they're legit. But even when they are legit, you may want to check the privacy policy on the site. I've just started doing this, and it can be a lot, but may give you peace of mind. Here's a relevant snippet from (PD means personal data and NPD is non-personal data):

  3. It seems like the ad is leading into "... and that's why it's important to not eat meat, because every individual meal contributes to the aggregate."

  4. jeez I hope I never find myself in a sanctuary where they pamper me and then eat me afterward

  5. Motivation can be pretty tough. I'm a hobbyist musician and it's tough to find the time and remain motivated. I started tracking my practice and that made a world of difference for me - I struggled with problems like practicing too little in a session, infrequently practicing, forgetting stuff I'd already learned, or "binging" one day instead of keeping a consistent practice routine. Worst off, I'd never feel like I ever got something to performance level. I started tracking my practice and trying to form a habitual routine.

  6. Hey your app looks awesome, I'm excited to use it! I was looking for exactly that sort of thing when I started learning jazz piano around the start of the year, but couldn't find any that did what I wanted. I thought about making an app myself (I do software engineering), but I felt like it would be too much of a distraction from practicing, so I'm grateful that you made one and it looks really thoughtfully put together! I'm pretty consistent with my practicing already (usually 3 hours a day) but I know I have room to be more effective. Also, your blog posts are really great too. I appreciate this content you're putting out there!

  7. Good job quitting weed! I quit earlier this year and it has helped my drive and motivation so much! But to be honest it took a couple months before I started to really feel clear headed again.

  8. Love this! Your style reminds me a lot of Kiefer. Looking forward to listening to your album!

  9. In addition to all the other great advice others have given, it sounds like you may be repeatedly trying to play the whole thing through and find that overwhelming. If so, try this approach, it will be much less stressful:

  10. You also provide live-saving medicine to chicken farmers. If you're a farm vet it would be contradictory if you support animal farmers by offering your service, but then be morally against their whole profession.

  11. ... unless farm vets are not actually in the business of increasing animals' quality of life and are instead in the business of helping to maximize farmers' profits.

  12. My dad would always say the golden rule is good, but the platinum rule is better: Do unto others as they would have you do unto them.

  13. I’m trying to understand the implication. Can you explain?

  14. Just what the comment I was responding to was saying really. I think a common example is if you're a guy and you know your wife had a hard day, so you want to do something nice for her -- if a beer and oral sex is what you would like most after a long day, that doesn't mean it is also what she would like most. Maybe cleaning / making dinner / doing the dishes so she can get to bed early is what she would appreciate most. Or maybe she actually would prefer a beer and oral sex -- the point is to think about what the other person would actually want rather than just assuming they'll appreciate the same things you do.

  15. From what I saw on fb, the department of transportation was really angry about it. The town has been so cool allowing basejumpers to jump there, but this summer there have been multiple incidents (trash left strewn around the packing area, platforms left out on the bridge, the trampoline) that have been putting basejumping in a bad light and are jeopardizing the future of legal jumping there. Hope the people causing problems there shape up, it would be really sad if legal jumping in Twin gets shut down.

  16. I mean, if the cows and chickens (assuming you're a vegetarian who eats both) are treated in a humane fashion and are not being abused, surely it can't be that bad.

  17. Thank you so much for this. I haven't touched my ps5 since I got CenturyLink a few months ago because I couldn't download an update required for psn and this totally fixed it. It's getting 250 mbps now!

  18. No, the timing is NOT about feel, it's about putting that second chord on beat 3. Rhythm is about 1-2-3-4, or subdivisions of same, and feel comes after one has the arithmetic going, and not before.

  19. It looks like they put the three chord changes in these two measures on beats 1, 4, 2

  20. YES that is it precisely. It is a harmonic hemiola. And Cole Porter's own device.

  21. Isn't a harmonic hemiola just a perfect fifth? Maybe you meant a rhythmic hemiola? But that wouldn't really be correct either since

  22. I'd be real excited to see Mike Lewis (sax), Kiefer Shackleford (keys), Thundercat (bass), Emma-Jean Thackray (trumpet), and Tom Skinner (drums) play together.

  23. They’re old and outdated. Download iReal Pro from the App Store / Play Store instead. You can add or take out whatever instruments you want, adjust the tempo, change the style, change the key, make your own progressions. Hundreds upon hundreds of tunes. Plus you get to see the chords on a chart. Aebersold tracks are fixed and can’t do any of that, plus they sound like total crap.

  24. Wow cool! I just downloaded this thanks to your suggestion. What a great resource!

  25. You did not do anything wrong, be kind to yourself and please do not beat yourself up! You took a chance and are now feeling the uncomfortable sting of rejection and that's natural. It doesn't sound like you put him in any situation - you tried to give him your number and he said he had a girlfriend and that was that right? You put yourself out there and he was probably a little flattered, no harm done. What you did was brave and true to your feelings and you should be proud of yourself for that. And it's ok to feel sad about being rejected, that's normal and not selfish at all.

  26. Is it because of my IP location? Because there's no button for actually signing the petition. Just keeps asking me to sign with no way to actually do it.


  28. did you call? can you describe how that call went? I get anxiety about calls like this and it would help to get some idea about what to say and what their response was

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