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  1. And Better Call Saul didn't even win an Emmy for its final season, which just goes to show the injustice that goes on around there!

  2. This looks great. We should go back to 4:3 for TV

  3. How about waiting for AEW to announce it next time? Would avoid much bullshit.

  4. I can't wait till they start to monetize wrestling moves too

  5. Can't wait for the 5 star Kermit the Frog splash

  6. Was it a challenge to make the Switch version compared to other consoles?

  7. Overwatch being an influence makes me curious. Can you explain how that happened?

  8. Yeah, me too :D hope this game lands on Game Pass then, would love to check it out - but I'll also wishlist on Steam for the next sale

  9. I love stuff like this, Santino on BTE would be great

  10. My main issue with the Steam Deck is the cost. If I'm gonna pay $400, I feel like it's crazy to not upgrade to the version with an SSD, so that's bumping you up to $529.

  11. You can also use your Steam Deck like a PC with a dock/deck, just saying.

  12. I have one and it's a great handheld, but the docking experience is nowhere near the level of the Switch. The hardware isn't designed for quick/easy docking, there's no HDMI-CEC support, and from experience its been a bit buggy as well.

  13. Yes, that would be my only complaint about it, too.

  14. That sucks ass, and makes no sense. Rdr1 is like not available at all anywhere on the ps4/ps5 as they removed it off of PlayStation plus for some reason

  15. It is on Xbox at least, and even One X enhanced, so somewhat remastered. Looks great for a 360 title.

  16. Can the person making the "Rise and Fall of Netflix" documentary in the future just give a quick shout-out to me when they see this? I'd love to be interviewed like an industry insider. That's all, thanks!

  17. I'd suggest getting a projector if you don't to get a monitor/TV

  18. I usually sleep on a bed. Switch games are too small.

  19. I love how much work they put into this game. Treating a single player game like a live action game with ongoing updates and now battle pass nonsense

  20. Dax cracking his knuckles as he gets ready to type up a reply to Booker T

  21. I remember Rare being pretty happy that they could move on from Banjo after N&B. Their staff changed over the years of course, but if MS forces them to do another Banjo, even though they absolutely don't want to, then it surely won't be great.

  22. Can always have another passionate studio do a remake

  23. He said not super anticlimactic and you just gave the most anticlimactic answer possible. Also Solo in a tag team makes no sense his entire gimmick is he fights solo in 1-1 matches.

  24. For the men, I'd say it's Karrion Kross. He has so many good qualities to him and has the potential to be a massive star. But even as a fan of Kross in NXT, something's just missing - and idk what it is.

  25. Maybe I'm a bit biased because of the way Kross ended things with Impact, but I never liked his doomsday gimmick. Killer Kross was way better than Karrion Kross

  26. I'm more worried about AJ Styles not being in the Rumble

  27. I like how 90s this looks. Also, Wario Land influences. Can't really afford it now, but it's going to wishlist!

  28. Gotta say, seeing the positive reaction has been a delight.

  29. This is what we need more of in modern gaming: Honest positivity due to great, unique games releasing in a complete state.

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