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  1. The best way to remedy this situation isn’t through Grab. It is through Changi. Changi suffered greatly during the pandemic and will do anything to protect their brand now that they are finally on the upswing in the post-Covid era.

  2. Quite unbelievable that this Lianhe ZB soapboxer is openly dogwhistling (talk about an oxymoron) in front of a large and potentially gullible audience. He, in his own words, is alleging that a hypothetical English-language proficiency test could be a potential avenue for Filipinos and Indians to game the system.

  3. This hits uncomfortably close to home. I know Singaporean Indians and the occasional non-Indian (usually Chinese Daoist/folk religion followers who engage in cross-religious worship of polytheistic deities) who go to

  4. It did sorta help that the British knew of Singapore's value, by building the Naval Base in the 1930s as a mechanism to thwart the expansionist Japan and as an important checkpoint to which the British territories of the Far East can be supported from, alongside Australia and New Zealand.

  5. In the context of urban spaces left behind by the colonists, some cities choose to rebuild / demolish it (Cambodia New Khymer Architecture), some rename everything (eg in Malaysia or Indonesia), but for Singapore we wrote our own history on it, such as appropriating Padang for our NDP.

  6. They also tore down statues and busts of colonisers in contrast to us literally commissioning and erecting a second statue of Raffles. The black original stands in front of the Victoria Theatre, the white duplicate lies along the banks of the Singapore river.

  7. I don't fly to ANZ often, but for US west coast I have my preferred airlines. And it's not SQ :)

  8. How does Qantas measure up to SQ on flights to Australia if you’ve flown with them? Always been curious to try the flying kangaroo but never got a chance

  9. Knn. Laugh die me at forest council certified paper with distinctive Simi Sai design. Cut cost say cut cost la. What better tasting food bullsheet.

  10. Eerie feeling from "white Australia" policy

  11. Government maintains ethnic Chinese supermajority through hush-hush preferential immigration practices calibrated by race, but no no, it is Pritam Singh’s English proficiency proposal that is the reincarnation of the White Australia Policy actually.

  12. I don’t need Tosephine Jeo knowing I get frisky in small spaces with my exhibitionist boo on main

  13. My main gripe with surveys like these is their flattening of disparate and autonomous ethnic groups with siloed cultural, religious, moral, educational, linguistic+++ practices and frameworks into a monolithic bloc. This is the mortar that shapes a person’s worldview. You cannot get an accurate reading of the nation’s temperature if you use ‘Singaporean’ as a metric. It is unhelpful at best, disingenuous at worst. Singapore’s model of multiracialism is non-assimilationist in nature and our individual ethnic groups retain so many of their unique characteristics that we might as well be a confederation of three or more separate nations coexisting within a common space.

  14. I think someone the likes of MTG would have bigger and juicier fish to fry (Eg Roe vs Wade and queer rights), but it's still a valid concern nonetheless. Condensing so much nuance into a single number isn't usually a good idea

  15. Certainly, MTG as a standalone is too much of a culture war-obsessed clown show to imperil our interests in any way. The greater peril lies in the prospect of a broader segment of the U.S. Congress taking a dark turn should Trump or a Trumpian figure wrest power from Biden in 2024. Imagine ten or twenty MTG-like figures gradually filling up Congress over the years, and imagine all of them being China hawks. Now couple that with dramatically rising tensions with China over all this balloon business and other assorted nonsense that may happen in the future and suddenly countries like ours may land in the cross-hairs of these MTG clones.

  16. Just mention the word CECA alone will get you banned in HWZ forums . That’s how scared they are

  17. HWZ started taking content moderation seriously after radicalised CECA falsehood-mad Sinkie Chinese men disgraced themselves in front of the nation by kicking, spitting, and cursing at innocent Sinkie Indians on the streets throughout 2020-2022.

  18. I'm sorry to hear that you have so much hatred geared toward the local singaporeans that belong to the majority races.

  19. And I’m sorry you’re all dishonest incel pieces of shit.

  20. Just waiting for CECA policies to make the majority race to feel like foreigner. To me that's just divine retribution when Malays got replaced in their tanah air

  21. On that note, the “politicians”, “activists”, and chronically overfacebooked uncles and aunties that kicked up a ruckus over C*CA should be out there in droves. They should be vigorously voicing their opposition to mainlanders driving up property prices, not integrating, hanging up foreign flags in breach of the law, displacing and disrespecting ethnic minorities, calling indigenous people foreigners, taking all the tech job, and creating a security risk for Singapore, among other things.

  22. Idk man. Twitter is such a weird space in so many different circles. Ive seen the jewel fountain be used for pro lgbt and anti lgbt propaganda. Usually starts off with, society if "insert anti lgbt/pro lgbt propaganda."

  23. Omg lmao I remember that one. One of those tweets went viral, then that Ian Miles Cheong grifter fella quote tweeted it with “LGBTQ are illegal in Singapore”. Poor jewel fountain just wants to stand in one corner and spit water aimlessly like its cousin the Merlion but has unwittingly become a lightning rod for the US culture wars 😂 not the PR Changi was expecting 😂😂😂 imagine their PR team scratching their heads in confusion like “bruh why they going apeshit over our fountain? Who is DeSantis and what does he have to do with our fountain?!?”

  24. I don’t know about “a lot”, but I have definitely had run-ins with chauvinistic Chinese Singaporeans steeped in an ahistorical understanding of our state, people that unironically believe that Singapore’s greatness is a singular product of their allegedly superior Chinese virtue and work ethic. I just don’t know if these people are in the majority or are outliers. These people discount the labour and toil of the Malays and Indians both before and after 1965. There were and are so many administrators, civil servants, and leaders from either community that left massive, massive imprints on our economic landscape and national psyche. The man that made Singapore Airlines legendary wasn’t Chinese!

  25. Idk if you’re trying to bait people with a deliberately inflammatory comment or if you’re just a single brain cell-having asshole. Assimilation implies an out-group merging into an in-group. By applying that standard to ethnic minority Singaporeans you’re pointedly implying that Malays and Indians that have been here for generations (your words) are by default outsiders until they pass some secret Sinocentric litmus test. Singaporeans don’t have to assimilate to jack shit in their own land. They simply have to “be”. Once again your comment is so moronic I’m gonna assume you’re fishing for reactions, because if people from the majority actually think like you, then we don’t need Trojan horse PRCs to undermine the country when you’re doing that job just fine.

  26. I'm not talking about assimilation into society, but in schools.

  27. The way you initially phrased it was so inflammatory and devoid of broader context that it was hard to assume good faith.

  28. Because we’re overwhelmingly a rentier-capitalist economy. It’s the greatest shame of our nation.

  29. He talks about PAP leading the transition of the country to a high income society as if we arent among the most affluent nation on a per capita basis. Either that or he has no clue what high income society means.

  30. I’m really not sure if he actually understood that rising wage results in increased demand, resulting in scarcity that drives up prices.

  31. When impoverished Indians in India were dying of Covid during last year’s devastating Delta wave the literal CCP mocked their deaths by juxtaposing a picture of a Hindu cremation pyre against the fire of a Chinese rocket launching into space. “That is them, this is us.” It caused global outrage:

  32. And just what exactly does being a proving ground entail for Singaporeans? Losing ah ma to the zhnged up XBB-69 variant of Covid from Liaoning? What should we be the sacrificial lambs of some other country’s colossal policy fuckup?

  33. Are they so incapable of differentiating between different kinds of East Asians that they’ve got to lump all vaguely Chinese-looking people under their ban hammer? That’s the disturbing part. We aren’t going to see Chinese Americans or Chinese Australians being singled out by Indian authorities for tests so why Singapore? We don’t even have a PRC tourist wave (yet). Unless they’re expecting PRCs to flood SG and cause another Covid wave, this requirement makes zero sense.

  34. Chinese chauvinists that tirelessly trot out the US and India as convenient bogeymans for all their national and social ills ironically spit in the face of core Confucian ethics like moral responsibility. You’d think chauvinists would be committed to the death to Confucian ethics, but when it’s actually time to take responsibility for a once-in-a-century calamity that literally emerged from the bowels of your own civilisation, all your ethics and moral values get thrown out the window.

  35. All I’ll say in response to this crazy ass comment is that we owe our Malay Muslim friends a national apology for pathologising them when it’s increasingly clear post-2020 that it isn’t their community alone that’s capable of producing extremists let alone the most deranged ones. So much damage has been done to Singapore’s social cohesion over the last two years and they sure as hell aren’t the cause.

  36. Tens of thousands of Chinese Singaporeans live and work in Greater China (The mainland, Taiwan, HK), use Douyin, Baidu, and QQ, but the moment a Singaporean with a drop of Indian blood engages with India or its citizens in any capacity, they get the foreigner label slapped on them.

  37. I don’t know what rock you’ve been living under, but your beloved China deliberately plunged us and indeed the entire world into the most prolonged recession and public health crisis since the Great Depression and Spanish Flu… and the economic rollercoaster ride is only just getting started. If this is what you mean by economic value, then… yikes, homie.

  38. The average Singaporean is blissfully oblivious of the extent of the contempt for Singapore in nationalistic Indonesian circles. The language barrier keeps the poison from overflowing into our largely English-medium Internet spaces but if you happen upon Bahasa Indo online spaces with a fiercely nationalistic bent you'll be in for the shock of your life. There are Singapore haters of all creeds and stripes: Islamists, Marxists, you name it, they have it. There are China-supporting Chinese Indonesian nationalists that hate Singapore because they see Chinese Singaporeans as compradors and race traitors. Never mind the fact that Singapore has provided them sanctuary from persecution for decades. There are Islamist extremists that see Singapore as an infidel pox upon a Muslim region. Most of them want Singapore abolished as an independent nation-state. The Chindo nationalists in particular don't even consider SG a part of SEA. To them we're a glorified aircraft carrier for the US. And yes the different nationalist factions hate each other. And yes many of them are Gen Z folk turned barking mad by online echo chambers. Some of their distaste for SG is justifiable because Singapore and Singaporeans do not have an unblemished track record in the region, and don't get me started on the racism and almost caste-like superiority complex of the SG Chinese elite towards impoverished brown-skinned Southeast Asians, but Indonesia itself has a barbaric legacy of imperialism in West Papua and Indo nationalists live in a big fat glass house. I worry about what this bodes for the future. The China threat is yesterday's news and the entire world is aligned against them anyway. Indonesia is this totally ignored titan that surrounds us on all ends. They could end us in days if they so wished.

  39. Among my foreign (European / western) colleagues as well, there is zero respect for sg. Opinions vary from slave state to Chinese Qatar to money laundering central

  40. That's crazy. Do you think the SG govt's populist pandering to the xenophobes and the harsh treatment of expats during the GE2020/early Covid period has contributed to these negative perceptions?

  41. What surprises me is that... Meta hired someone from overseas to be a Technical Sourcer? Isn't that just talent acquisition / HR person. We don't have a Singaporean that can do that job meh. O.o

  42. Guess I have to ground my G6 den

  43. I’m curious what alternate routes SIA, MAS, and the Middle Eastern carriers will take for the day and tomorrow on their SG/MY-Europe and MidEast flights

  44. “On Sunday, dozens of friends and family came together at the wake to pay their respects to the fallen firefighter.”

  45. Its China that the OP hates even if the taste of the chips is the same.

  46. Oh you’re one of those “everything is Sinophobia” people… my condolences on your emotional instability. I avoid all China and India-made produce excluding groceries specific to those countries because of the endless adulteration and contamination scandals in the news. Both countries have substandard food quality and safety practices. Do you deny this or

  47. It’s not “crazy” to seek out certainty in an uncertain world… but have a good day sir.

  48. Speaking of international architects, don’t tell certain people this (or maybe tell them anyway to provoke them), but the Esplanade was designed by one of those confounded see-kas from see-ka-land.

  49. TIL. Rationally, knowing that it was an Indian architect who designed the Esplanade wouldn’t make every Indian in Singapore less of a punching bag.

  50. Oh it for sure wouldn’t change a thing about their behaviour, but you know damn well it’ll send the racists into cardiac arrest, which is a win in my books. The Esplanade is tangible proof that the abhorred see-kas and foreigners in general contribute heavily to nation-building despite nativist claims to the contrary.

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