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  1. My hair's turning gray early and i'm happily pinning it on genetics instead of eating so horribly my follicles ran out of ink. 🧓

  2. i genuinely think because some of you guys lack the nutrients and calories necessary for the brain to function/perceive things properly and also because of the sense of impending doom you get when your body knows something is wrong that makes you guys think is terrifying, combined with the unpleasant aspects about being underweight. i think this is humorous and was intended to be humorous

  3. me wondering why my country with some of lowest obesity rates doesnt have every diet product there is

  4. Not a hamster, but there is a guinea pig in my local pet store, has been there for over one month now

  5. Dude I have seen roosters kill hawks and square off with raccoons. If your rooster is a coward, that's a bad rooster and needs to be promoted to a new position with top of the line heating and free garlic salt, maybe a egg and milk bath with flour for a dessert

  6. tbh that sounds like a fairly american situation and i dont live there and have never met an american rooster

  7. well i have been following this post since this morning so i guess i have to make an actual comment. i have seen people who are your age or even a decade and some more younger than you (me included) be absolutely baffled seeing how you act in this situation. it’s obvious you have some BAD self esteem issues, but you are 30 for God’s sake. for 12 years of your life you have had the certain possibility of fixing your issues and you decided not to. me personally i’m 15 and i have fixed these self esteem issues long before while i am still in the abusive situation, i realized how important i really am and i can say, for sure, that while i still have my own issues, 15 years from now, i would certainly not let this happen to me.

  8. vet and possibly a bigger cage, a bin cage preferably. you might need to give her a lot of time, hamsters don’t take trauma well at all sadly :(

  9. saying that the worlds oldest dog was on a vegan diet

  10. yeah just because one single specimen of the species lived so long while it happened to be vegan it surely means that the thousands of years of evolution to hunt and eat meat can be dismissed /s

  11. i wonder what gymbros think of anorexics because i have never witnessed a specimen explain what they think of us. the only time i see the specimen discuss eating disorders is when they deny that their gym habits and chicken eating are perhaps disordered.

  12. don't do my girl rarity like that

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