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  1. This week is live in Pittsburgh. Next Monday, they’re scheduled for Kansas City live. Given the PPV is on Saturday, they’ll have no problem getting the Raw crew back to the states in time for Monday.

  2. 60 degrees is a severe curve to have at that age. If I were you, I would be going to a school counselor 1) about the PE teacher and 2) about the fact that your parents aren’t listening to medical advice and are themselves getting what I would call borderline abusive.

  3. Multiple power flashes. That is almost certainly a tornado on the ground, as well as damaging winds either side of the tornado.

  4. Might be getting Gargano on SmackDown. We'll see.

  5. Makes less sense than doing it tonight would have (Gargano is from Cleveland), but not impossible.

  6. I wonder if Lumis is connected to the backstage incidents?

  7. You did the right thing. Romeo no longer has any pain, he’s going to eat like a king, and he’s got other cats that he can socialize with while he waits for you to cross the rainbow bridge.

  8. ”The Company has also received, and may receive in the future, regulatory, investigative and enforcement inquiries, subpoenas or demands arising from, related to, or in connection with these matters,” WWE said in an SEC filing Monday morning.

  9. That’s the key right there. If there are regulatory and/or enforcement actions pending, one has to think WWE wants to distance themselves from him as far as possible… his reputation is 100 percent toast.

  10. What you went through is both PTSD, and possibly survivor’s guilt. You couldn’t do anything for her… and that sucks. But like another redditor suggested upthread, you could take some CPR classes so that you’re better prepared for that situation if, god forbid, there is a next time. I know it’s not exactly popular but you can (and I think should) seek professional counseling. After all, we on the internet can only do so much to help. I wish you well.

  11. I’m not posting in a subreddit I don’t speak the language of

  12. Unfortunately I can’t really say anything that’s going to help much. The reality is you’re experiencing something that happens to all of us at some point in this technology-based world of 2022. The only thing you can do is to push ahead and learn from this experience.

  13. You’re gorgeous and I can relate… ACDF surgery plus Harrington rods mean I wake up very stiff

  14. Yep. I feel this. 36, paraplegic, double ostomate AND to boot, was not blessed with size down there. I’m straight, tried putting myself out there once and only attracted male attention for the most part that sort of weirded me out a bit.

  15. This is definitely something I had a problem with exactly one time — girl was able bodied and could not get past them. I am 36/M with Spina Bifida + a double ostomate (a urostomy and colostomy). I still wear Depends every day because of the leakage risk from both stomas. If the relationship has progressed to where there is even a small possibility of intercourse OR if I’m asked, I will bring it up (under the idea of honesty being the best policy on both the ostomies and the Depends).

  16. German being curious here: Why do these old time anchor man have this very specific way they sound?Were they chosen for a specific voice colour or was it a matter of the technology?

  17. Pretty much as above. That said, 1967 technology does play a part because if you put someone with, say, a southern drawl in that spot… well, there would be some things viewers wouldn’t be able to hear well. In 2022, nearly anyone can be clearly heard with the audio capabilities we have, so the workforce is more diverse (but that could still be improved on).

  18. The TV itself had to be able to show color broadcasts, or you couldn’t see the change.

  19. You did nothing wrong here. If anything, you’re a great dad because you take the time to play with your kids. Injuries happen, and an errant football shot on goal is just one of those things that could happen to anybody. Hell, I copped a kickball square in the head that was thrown as hard as possible once in HIGH SCHOOL. It happens.

  20. Talk about click bait just for some internet points.

  21. I disagree. If you haven’t been through it with somebody you love, you don’t know what that’s like. I did it in 2013, watching one of my uncles slowly lose his life. I don’t think OP is saying he’s glad she’s dead out of hate, but rather that he’s glad it’s over so that she’s no longer in pain on this side of the earth. And I can empathize with that.

  22. My mental health has declined faster and more severely than any time before now. My grades are suffering and I don't see myself physically, mentally, emotionally, or academically succeeding in making it 4 years through

  23. Okay. With this information (and presuming you’re in the US), I’d say stick it out for the semester if you can — if your school year runs like most, you’ve only got about a month or month and a half left before the semester ends. Don’t take any summer courses…just chill for the summer. Recharge. Also: Most, if not all universities/colleges do have counselors available to assist students with mental health care. Use that resource, that’s why it’s there.

  24. Every college has those deadlines. It doesn’t mean you can’t return one day — but the experience will be radically different at say, 50-55 than it is at 19-20.

  25. I haven't had a Founders Centennial in ages. At least you had some decent beer.

  26. I typically go for a 7.1% Coop F-5 IPA (I’m in Oklahoma, that’s a local brewery). I decided to change it up a bit and I’m glad I did.

  27. Not enough to enjoy, too much to not enjoy. Where do you fall?

  28. It depends on the situation. I was feeling every bit of it the next morning, but it was enjoyable. (It helped that I was at a certain mountain-themed restaurant with good looking ladies — I am a single, straight male, after all.)

  29. If you have kids, especially boys, you’re going to be kicked there. Just a fact of parenthood.

  30. What’s wrong with being her friend? If you want to get “beyond the friend zone” tell her how you feel.

  31. Nothing is wrong with being friends. I have plenty of opposite sex friends (almost all of whom are attached and those who aren’t, we mutually understand we’re not compatible).

  32. Seek another clinic? My doctor is still treating patients one on one. You wait in the parkinglot in your car and someone comes out to get you and they'll see you. I imagine wound treatment is pretty important for your recovery.

  33. I have home health to do the daily bandage changes. That part isn’t a problem. I should have specified that. But, the hyperbaric oxygen was to supplement those. And right now, I cannot do that part until I’m off quarantine.

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