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[Highlight] The chiefs throw an incomplete pass on 3rd down but a holding is called on Bradberry

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  1. Pretty easy to see whos on what path and radio ahead to place the bags. Bags prob had three of the same buffs each to give the illusion of choice. No way it was random.

  2. Is it much more thorough? Hoid is always cheeky, so I take it as a “Release then hounds” statement over a “release” of their contract.

  3. This is one of my favorite Survivor (and Big Brother) cliches. People thinking their lives are so goddamn cool and impressive that they feel the need to lie about it. And nobody ever remotely cares

  4. Ehhh cops might be better off concealing that. Not well liked by some and trained to detect lies. For example Tony won his first season but his second season, when everyone knew he was voted out first.

  5. The only thing i would do outside of maintain is wheels and tires or paint correction detailing.

  6. I'd like Death Knight to give party Leech. Idk I just think that all classes should have a party buff or party wide debuff.

  7. Idk warlocks have healthstones and gateway which are really strong for raid progression. Pretty much have to bring one for that.

  8. Sorta unrelated but what would be a good way to clean this nasty ass thing up?

  9. Start with barkeepers friend and a scrub pad. If that doesnt work you could lay it flat on a high grit whetstone or belt grinder. Then sharpen as normal.

  10. Look into roon arc. Im not sure about the data but i think it converts it on the fly from your core computer then streams it in the best qualit for the client device.

  11. From what we saw, Helen had a pretty weak social game. She straight up dismissed Carolyn on arrival, and clearly didn't build any trust with Yam Yam. I feel like she just assumed the "young cool kids" would work together and that she wouldn't need to do any actual work towards staying in a majority. Carson might be a bit too high on himself, but he's working to make bonds with everyone. Helen didn't do that.

  12. I agree, her social game was lacking. That tribe is kind of a mess. She proposed the plan to vote out carolyn and it backfired.

  13. I appreciate the insight and will try to get some time at one. I just can’t imagine paying 4k to learn how to paddle shift when I already spent 70k miles practicing rev match downshifting with a Tr6060 and a 392.

  14. If you are more advanced the instructors will see that pretty quickly and move on to teaching you things that will help you improve. Youre not locked in to some lesson plan.

  15. I used to use a mamiya 645 80mm 1.9 on my sony a7 a lot. The thing was heavy as a brick but damn the images were phenomenal when you got the focus right. Also loved the voigtlander 40 1.4 for a lighter setup. Contax zeiss lenses were great too when you could get them cheap.

  16. I ordered a great santoku for my buddys wedding present from them. Im in usa but i think it shipped from perth to melbourne in about 3 days. Reasonable prices and quality steel.

  17. Brewmaster monk and mw monk! Monks been my favorite since release but this expansion I decided to main them and I'm having a blast. I've got 2 monks at 70 and a couple in the late 60s that I want to finish leveling so I can have one of each spec.

  18. Lol what? You know you can switch specs right? Why do you need multiples? Do you just love leveling?

  19. Also you can convert a lot of things to tier set with the catalyst thing so that helps get some bonuses. The 2pc from the storm sets is nice too.

  20. Not that they need an excuse but Philly is gonna riot over that penalty

  21. I don’t understand how to buy this from that site, it looks like a brochure with no shop.

  22. Thats a wholesale site. Send an email and a salesman will help you get the right thing.

  23. That is the badassmuthfukka 3000. Whoever weilds it has automatic huge pp.

  24. Slayer of water bottles, chopper of your moms favorite tree. +5 to self-injury -10 charisma

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