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  1. That's not really true, all those "second job" games still use tech developed by the big players. Very few people are building games that are truly independent from the ground up.

  2. I'm still a libertarian but I've realized that a central bank is the worst way to manage a currency except for all the others.

  3. Everyone shits on socialists for not understanding econ but libertarians are literally the worst.

  4. Biden doesn’t have to. What I’m saying is Congress does not have the authority to override Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate. At least under the historical interpretation of the president’s role as the commander and chief.

  5. Theoretically the Supreme Court could just overturn this law too, correct? They've seen no issue gutting other legislation like Obamacare or the Civil Rights Act.

  6. Yeah, I totally want to see billionaire and ultra-millionaire space tourism become a thing.

  7. Just like when only millionaires could own cell phones….then upper middle class professionals and now rural people in Botswana.

  8. So according to you, its a matter of time before everyone has their own private jet, or townhouse?

  9. The actual number of bagholders doesn't matter for the real purpose of bitcoin (line going up), what matters is whether the number is increasing or decreasing. They need constant recruitment or else they all lose money.

  10. Everyone knows what it is, and most everyone knows not to touch it.

  11. If Starfield turns out to be a complete disappointment and a financial failure, I wonder how that would affect TES VI production cycle

  12. Depends on what you do with it. Burn it for fuel or let it rot, yes. Build with it, and it stays sequestered.

  13. Only if you burn them, use them for something like a house then nope. Also even if you did burn them it doesn't release all the carbon they ever sequestered.

  14. Or you know, just stop cutting trees and invest in public transport.

  15. Actually you want to cut down trees, mainly the oldest ones, then plant new ones.

  16. why theyre infested with stds if theyre app whoring.. I wouldnt fuck them with a kevlar condom

  17. In general, yep. Is this controverisial - that schools are better in well off neighborhoods than in poor neighborhoods? Isn't that the point of affirmative action and selecting students for broader qualities than grades/scores - that poorer students are at a big disadvantage and that less opportunity /=/ less ability?

  18. The protestors aren’t armed, they don’t have access to massive quantities of small arms and ammunition. If you can’t commit violence why should an autocracy be worried.

  19. Aside from how absolutely stupid that idea is, evidence overwhelming shows that bullying fat people is super counter productive and decreases the likely hood the person will lose weight. Turns out people don't like taking advice from people who treat them like shit, something that almost everyone should be able to figure out without the studies but we have them anyway.

  20. If he pulls it and energy prices go down then republicans will sweep

  21. technically she had a prescription so in the US she probably would have been fine .

  22. when you apply any anti immigration argument and switch “immigration” to “having kids” it falls apart every single time.

  23. Not really. Kids raised in france by french parents have a higher % chance of being lifetime net contributors.

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