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  1. I see that Boston Rob guy around Beantown all the time now. I think he’s doing some TV thing.

  2. I’m going to throw out one, Ali. I don’t know why but I feel like I can see an Ali win.

  3. IOTI without that guy would have been top tier

  4. Put some respect on my girl Mandi’s name!

  5. My favorite IWC moment will forever be the fallout of when Austin Aries beat Samoa Joe for the ROH title and the internet EXPLODED

  6. Bryan Danielson vs Roderick Strong is a forgotten trilogy of excellent wrestling.

  7. Dante Fox vs Killshot, War of Hell match

  8. Search “AJ Styles, TNA” and have fun. AJ was Mr. TNA.

  9. You do know that list would include his match against Frank Trigg or the Destination X match against Abyss right?

  10. And some of his tags with Tomko. They can’t all be gold.

  11. You have to check out my guy Nigel McGuinness’ run. His rivalry with Bryan Danielson is one of the greatest in ring feuds in history. Outstanding performance after performance. Nigel’s matches with Jimmy Rave, Austin Aries, Takeshi Morishima and KENTA are phenomenal stuff.

  12. David Tennant as Kilgrave has to be up there.

  13. As an active member of this group, I have to say that it is probably the best run fed I have been a part of in years. The guys here are a super awesome bunch and the way the fed is run is top notch. I am always throwing a bunch of wild ideas at the boss and he is always good to listen and plan out something awesome with. Can’t speak highly enough of this.

  14. Santino Marella almost winning the 2012 Elimination Chamber.

  15. Little disappointed that this wasn’t the Mean Street Posse there with him tbh

  16. Ah yep, that checks out. Adventurers need an independent body for assurance and reporting purposes, makes sense to me.

  17. Just imagine a whole campaign where you and your party are just the accountants for a famous adventurer’s guild. It’d be like a weird d&d version of the Office.

  18. I have played Microlite 20 for one shots and it was a blast. Super easy to follow, light rules and very hack-able.

  19. The lack of respect for my boy Marcus in Gabon is not okay. Y’all need to put some respect on his name.

  20. Batista turning on Evolution was a lot of fun.

  21. I still stand by the fact that The Island is the most important season of the The Challenge because so many storylines emerge from it.

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