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  1. Its a beautiful photo and I actually enjoy it’s imperfections and how raw it is. But I get why some people are hating… It could’ve been composed better (especially because the dude can’t see you, you had time bro) but who cares right? Plus if it was better composed it wouldn’t look as raw. With that being said, this only work with certain photos, so if it wasn’t done on purpose, work on your composition, seek for help on YouTube.

  2. Thanks for your tips. Mixed opinions indeed. At this point I just accept that these kind of shots are my style because how frequent they appear in my photos. Besides I like it so what else does it matter? can't please anyone

  3. It looks like it’s still operating! That’s really cool, OP, your grandfather sounds like a cool guy.

  4. He founded the company in 1969. what I've been told is that he always wanted to fly planes but it was too costly so he decided to start a company that offers aviation services so he could fly all he wants to

  5. love the sky and light trails being in the same photo

  6. very peaceful I just love the way water flows in this picture

  7. I really like the shadow and the sunlight and the nostalgic feeling it gives off. subject does matter sometimes but the subtle "everyday scenery" works in this case

  8. don't mind the film grain I just like the "retro" feeling in my photos

  9. It is amazing photo! I love it. So refreshing after those trendy hyper-edited sunsets, lakes with a big log (or at least a stone). Sad fact is that these cliches get most likes, tens of thousands in fact. Anyway, your photo is astonishing, IMO.

  10. Thank you so much I appreciate that!

  11. I like your processing. The sunset shots look really nice with that grading.

  12. You're welcome! I feel you though, people will complain about anything. I know it can be difficult at times but don't let that bring you down, what's most important is you being satisfied about the end result.

  13. I think I really needed to hear that thanks and yes I will keep on going with the way I like to do it

  14. took a moment to realise what it was but aside from that I like it. perhaps a different depth of field would have worked better

  15. I took this photo when I went out on a stroll at midnight

  16. Yes, i think it's more realistic. If you want a more punchy look and use the raw file, you could try to increase vibrance and play a little bit more with highlights and shadows for example. Btw, I really like some of your pictures on your profile

  17. Thank you for the compliments and your feedback has been helpful I’m hoping to find my style that I’m satisfied with someday

  18. I just realised that I've made way too many changes after comparing it to the original... I'm still trying to find my editing style and got caught up in it

  19. I finally got the courage to go out shooting again. I lacked the motivation to do so for a very long time but I've finally decided to set a year resolution to shoot at least once every month. I'm not proud of this photo, but it's a start. also in my opinion a subject in the middle would look much better and also with better sunlight

  20. Looks like some of the creeks on the Turnagain Arm near Anchorage! I love it

  21. Thanks :) it's actually a small river in a forest in Japan if you're curious. it's about 15 minute drive from my town

  22. no it's just a small river in a mountain near the sea where I live. Sorry for the late reply

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