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  1. These are really great! Love the concept (~);}

  2. Came here to post this. Ive brought shirts back that were caught in the conveyor before with this trick.

  3. I would use a mesh between 160 and 190. And if you have a choice I use either S Mesh or hydro mesh. Both allow superior ink flow.

  4. I concur with scary swim here. 160-200 mesh if you want any fine line work. If its super thin water base ink you could go higher. Would need to see artwork to know for sure but basically what this guy said ^

  5. I ordered something like this from the same manufacturer and it works well. I had to call awt to get things started.

  6. How much was it? If it's affordable and actually holds reg that's something we could definitely use.

  7. I got the Big Gripper 51.5" and it cost about $1000. It came in a shipping crate and wasn't too difficult to install, though I built my vac table by myself so i was able to modify it to accommodate the gripper. I can print up to 35x45" inch screens, though pulling a squeegee that big is about at the limit of how long i can reach.

  8. Yup thats what they quoted me at. Found an old vacuum press finally with micros and one arm squeegee. Can print my 18x24” posters now :) Want to upgrade the clamp to the big gripper 2 soon though.

  9. Hey thanks so much! This was a really fun project.

  10. I will have hand dyes and custom screenprints on lot at select shows this summer. Im in the $20-30 range though.

  11. Thanks so much! Ill have all the orders shipped today and tomorrow!

  12. We have a RH 300 in the shop with the side clamps and it works pretty good. 6 head/ 4 pallet. A little tight fitting a 23x31” frame in there but they fit. Its a very solid starter/entry level press for sure.

  13. If you have the money though buy and M&R or Anatol manual press. They are just far superior.

  14. Just got my @bouthalfpastdead Khruangbin shirt in the mail! Quality!

  15. Just followed! I also make my own shirts each year, nothing big time but it’s just fun. It’s such a great feeling when other people are into your shirt

  16. Thanks!! Ill check yours out too (~);}

  17. This is like in the NFL off season when writers have to come up with drama to keep people interested before the season starts again

  18. Lol…friken drama man. I gots no time or desire to even care about something so petty. ☮️

  19. Best part of my morning is finding the best “Show on this Day” on my relisten app. Shoutout Charlie Miller for the quality!

  20. Does anything even come of this? They’ve been at it for decades with virtually no opposition. Probably just need to grease a few congressmen’s palms and the con keeps up. Im hopeful. Ticketmaster and their business practices need to go.

  21. Checkout the gallery at Zygote Press. Tons of cleveland artists working out of there and selling work. Some of my prints in there too ;)

  22. This music is like a fly to a light for us. We hear it come on were drawn to it! Love it! Great story.

  23. Way awesome & Original! Where can I get my copy? On Shakedown along the way...!?!

  24. Ill have some available on my etsy in the next week or so! Also planning on Shakedown in Atl, star lake, cincy, deer creek so far. Hoping for raleigh, charlotte, and bristow as well. See ya there!

  25. Heck yeah, sounds like a plan! I'll be starting my run in Raleigh, and then hitting many of those along the way as I wind my way to Boulder. "The good Lord willing, if He says I may"... Including a return to Star Lake since '92 (or was it '93?) Ha! Don't matter, I shall be accounted as "Present" this time around! 🌠 So Many Roads indeed, don't we All know! (let me know when etsy goes live. Appreciate the time with your Art 🎨) ☮️

  26. Will do! Good luck to ya! See ya on the road

  27. Https://

  28. Wow i used to live across the street from here!! Pretty average scene for that neighborhood to be honest! Ohio State University campus

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