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  1. the last thing he wants to hear is the dangers of vaping from his sister. honestly most people who vape know that it's dangerous and addictive and they don't care

  2. As someone who does vape, I agree, I understand what i'm getting into, I don't do it because it's cool or whatever, because I really don't care about my reputation, I do it because i'm addicted, and I know the risks of it, but I did go into depth on researching all about it and asking my med term teacher about it, so I do it somewhat safely👍

  3. How do you know it's a he? I a 15 year old would just say they, as you don't know their gender, unless you readead their profile, gosh I hate all of these random bigots in the comments🙄🙄🙄

  4. They were right though, and honestly I wouldn’t care if I were to be misgendered. I don’t think it bigoted, like myself, I have to consciously think to write “they” in case of unintentionally disrespecting someone but also and at the same time it does low-key annoy me that I must do it

  5. Well saying this is just giving me dysphoria, I had nowhere else to post, unless you know a sub where I can post and people won't say stuff like this :(

  6. Did you unlock the third spaceship?

  7. Yes, but the thing to build it won't go away

  8. When you say 3 you mean you've unlocked the 3rd different type of ship? not just launching 3 ships correct?

  9. Oh, no I meant launching 3, I didn't know that's what it was talking about😭😭

  10. Hammer jam is bitter sweet because right after it’s over they reduce costs and time fore everything

  11. Excuse me... what? Have I been wasting gold to make sure I get stuff done before hammer jam?

  12. Florida man opens giant crater inside of city and killed the king, said it was because "a dragon stole his heart." Officials claim.

  13. Please don't mention my family, us toasters are very sick of this inhumane behaviour, how would you like it if we tied a balloon to you?

  14. We voluntarily put balloons on our body parts. Your the weird one here...

  15. Why would you humans do such weird things? Us toasters are the much more superior race

  16. I don't have service for calls at my house :/

  17. Lights go out...usually means power is out. How do keyboards work again?

  18. Some use batteries, and some use a cord and batteries incase the power goes out. :D

  19. Same, does OP not think teenagers can fall in love?😭😭

  20. Chemical romance, I mean, he was a chemistry teacher

  21. QUEEN ELIZABETH II THE ETERNAL! Can suck a fat fucking cock

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