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Plaster it across the Texas capital building. Send non-stop faxes of it to every Texas politician.

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  1. And every time we kiss, I swear I can fly

  2. Not to sound like I own a tinfoil hat but I've had plenty of instances where I merely thought of something and then soon enough an ad pops up that I've never seen before. Never spoke a word about it, never googled it, simply thought of it.

  3. I swear this is accurate. The worst instance I've had is one time I dreamt of a product that I hadn't thought about, received ads for, or heard of for years or months. I woke up and thought "huh, that was weird. Forgot about that product" and went on with my day. I didn't tell anyone about this dream, didn't text, call, or anything about it. Later that same day, I open instagram and as I'm scrolling I see an ad for that exact product.

  4. That's creepy! What really brings me pause is the timing of it. I'll be walking down the street, see someone with a certain product and think to myself, that's cool maybe I'll look into buying that. I get home and boom there's an ad for it that I swear has never been on my social media before. I know it's sheer coincidence but definitely weirds me out.

  5. I've heard that phones kind of send each other data? I heard this a while ago and I'm no expert so I don't really remember it well. But basically say I buy a specific brand of mayonnaise. I always buy that brand, all my friends buy that brand. I go to another city and stay with my parents, who always buy a different brand. Now my phone will start showing me ads for that other brand that my parents buy, because it recognizes that I spent a certain amount of time near their phones, so I must have some similar opinions and interests.

  6. No you don’t get it. Merida has CURLY ginger hair, we need TLM to have STRAIGHT ginger hair for representation

  7. In that case might I recommend Frozen? Anna has straight ginger hair

  8. "Under 18 women" do you mean.. children?

  9. "Unless you had a formal shit, you're not obligated to give any notice" hmm... you're absolutely right

  10. Exactly. What are they going to do if I break the policy? Fire me?

  11. Oh no, anything but not working here anymore!

  12. Yeah! That was my reaction! Alright, I'll go get us a couple of coconuts.

  13. I'm sorry but I'd rather buy from her than from you. No offence.

  14. I can't believe I had to scroll so far to find this.

  15. My poor mother has gray hair and so many people have asked me “why doesn’t she dye it?” Well because she hates dyed hair and doesn’t want to. Idc if she’ll look better with it dyed.

  16. I always thought it was one of those tan cars

  17. "Oh man, why do they hate that I don't want them to have basic human rights? I thought they were supposed to be tolerant and accepting :/"

  18. I'm impressed the dicks were kept. Who stored them? That was probably not a part of the pope's order

  19. "I'm informed on other things, I don't need to be informed on this thing I'm arguing with you and convinced I'm right about." Hmm, that couldn't be harmful now, could it? /s

  20. No cuz then family and loved ones of the victims have to see it and get retraumatized from losing their loved ones and possibly seeing pictures of their bodies

  21. So much better. I have almost everything I thought I would never have. I graduated high school, I have a job, amazing friends, a wonderful partner, and most importantly, happiness. It truly does get better.

  22. Yeah just for fun. And then leave when I get bored or they start screaming that you are doing it wrong (they will)

  23. "Oh sorry, why don't you show me how to do it?"

  24. So we are looking for a one armed man with no right arm who squints a lot.

  25. Or someone with two left hands

  26. Peets! Definitely keep the feet

  27. I would have flipped those lol.

  28. Basements have cultural cache outside of Warcraft?

  29. It's like a smiley face with eyebrows!

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