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[Medland] Verstappen was told to let Perez through if he couldn't pass Alonso. He couldn't pass Alonso, but didn't let his team-mate through.

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Medical Cost In India

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  1. It depends on the dirt and the length of ride, I typically wash and lube right around every 30-50 km on the trail which is usually 2-3 rides.

  2. Based on own experi3nce with vehicles he just searched yout Vin to see the trim package. The search he used showed him your car didn't have that option installed. I find with these things the Vin search isn't always accurate.

  3. Thx. So you think it’s reasonable that he was clear conscience to sell me up to $1100 for a car starter in this car? Just seems odd to me. It’s the dealership. Not a mechanic shop. Why would they not know to tell me it’s a free service if you download the app?

  4. You kind of answered your own question, you called the car dealer, they're going to try to get you in and sell you overpriced service or a car if they can.

  5. Don't forget a few years back they replaced them with beautiful new ones, white text on a blue background. The blue reflected light normally as you'd expect, but the white didn't reflect any light at all, making them literally impossible to read at night. They only made those for a few months before switching back to the ones that peel.

  6. I'm pretty sure the peeling was fixed, but it was originally doe to cost cutting.

  7. If he is teammates with checo it must be 1 and he must keep up WDC. On the off chance Ric gets that seat he must lose and take 33.

  8. Could be, unfortunately builders aren't contractually obligated to actually provide a product but do have a drop dead date for vertical construction commencement or return purchasers deposits(this is what happened at 5 points). It's at this date you can also extort more money out of purchasers like many builders have done in the past 12 ish months. I doubt this developer is trying to do that as I'd rekon the condos aren't worth as much now as when they presold them.

  9. They are working on the third floor already, it be hard to believe it would be canceled

  10. Yea if they're that high they're definitely not cancelled lol.

  11. I'm 6'8" and I got a TREK Fuel, it's amazing, it's geometry is great. Highly recommend.

  12. Gotcha, Canada/US it's $10/month or $80/year

  13. I made a new email this year to get the $69/1st yr promo for new users and cancelled it today. Rinse and repeat in March.

  14. When I joined reddit and because I live here.

  15. Gas blowers are easy, no need to be scared off by the maintenance. They'll do the best job for the price. The best electric blower would probably be the Ryobis but they're pretty pricey.

  16. Generally I don't think you should trespass, if it's public land though it's basically how all trails started.

  17. For starters the average human has 6.1-13 Oz of hair so you could shave completely. That would also help with your aero making you go faster.

  18. Oh yeah. So i can just cut one side of my fork off? The side with the air so i don't have all that air weight right?

  19. Yes, that air weighs at least 1 nano gram, gota save weight somewhere!

  20. Yes, lets start a class action, Talls v Airlines

  21. Responding to someome spaming various subs for a femboy sugar baby seems like a great way to wind up murdered.

  22. This is a terrible idea. Either get it written up and signed legally as a loan or don't do it at all.

  23. Personally I'd stay in Belgium, Canada is on fire right now.

  24. I don't think people have their highbeams on I think it's just those obnoxious LED headlights that blind everyone except for the driver.

  25. Yea, and every new car has them. Unfortunately as the consumer we can't do much about it which drives me nuts. Low beams are way too bright for the general populations safety.

  26. Not comparable tbf. Asking someone to give up a podium is vastly different.

  27. Yea I agree, not fair to compare these 2 at all. 3-4 is a podium lost and gained. Along with Alonso being so close it's potentially Carlos losing 4th.

  28. Loblaws and zhers usually have it. GT boutique as well.

  29. Yes. I like the taste of alcohol and not the feel anyway. I never get high anymore as well.

  30. I know a few people, canadian, who have gone to India for procedures for 2 reasons. 1. It's way cheaper than everywhere else as noted but also 2. It's exponentially quicker than our system.

  31. I always do the end of October, this year has been odd...

  32. In my experience car dealers have been this way for a while, they tack on the vendor fee of 3% or whatever. Some apply it if you pay the deposit with a cc some don't, all seem to apply it to the final amount though.

  33. Perplexity closed a while back, might even have been before COVID.

  34. Twas a while before covid they closed, the 2nd owner sort of drove it into the ground.

  35. Didn’t to rules change on this and you can now use someone who has known you for X number of years? Might be wrong but some reason I’m thinking this.

  36. No, you have to be a lawyer(or paralegal?) to be a notary.

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