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Finland’s PM is a young woman in power. Her partying is the total opposite of disgrace

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  1. There is room for improvement here. The main problem is not, as far as I can see, your print, but the negative. I see hints of development unevenness, and poor highlights, both of which you got due to low or inexistent agitation - the culprit being your 'stand' development method.

  2. TL&DR - Northern Italy is truly one of the saddest, most depressing shitholes in Europe.

  3. Yep. MI1 and MI2 are IMO head and shoulders above this new one. When the dust settles and the hype-tinted glasses people are wearing on twitter and elsewhere are stored away, the game will be rated for what it is, ie a fantastic gateway to adventure gaming for 15 yo adventure lovers with a Nintendo Switch.

  4. It looks incredibly harsh and depressing, if I'm being perfectly honest. Based on these images, I can't fathom why this time in the city's history is so romanticized, besides it just being cheap.

  5. I agree with you. I moved to this city because my job was here but I've always found it plain, ugly, harsh, depressing, especially in the Eastern bits portrayed by the photos above.

  6. Go to the Foma web site and download the film data sheet, it has a lot if the info you need including developer recommendations and times.

  7. You will get the best results following exactly the manufacturer's recommendations and using Foma chemicals.

  8. Obbligatorio capolavoro “effettuare”

  9. mio Dio sto morendo..Dolori al petto...Grazie!!

  10. “Abituatici” “Longitudinalmente”

  11. 'I SOCIAL' mi fa infuriare. Da dove spunta? Chi l'ha inventato?

  12. Perdonami ma "tempo di qualità" è un'orribile traduzione 1:1 di una espressione Inglese. Non funziona per niente in Italiano.

  13. Unfortunately this reflects the black and white thinking of many, not just one really bad author at the Guardian. Hugely concerning how one can be portrayed as the devil if they have a different opinion.

  14. This particular one though is pretty consistent in this respect.

  15. The more I think about it - the more I randomly stumble onto boomers' flickr accounts and their shitty 'nude art' portraits on Hassleblads 500c and Portra - the more I realise that there's a huge pool of old men who have not seen a naked woman (apart from perhaps their aging wife) for 50 years and who have found a perfectly legal, socially acceptable outlet for their frustration.

  16. Fantastic resource and explanation, thank you for sharing

  17. Come on over to Flickr guys! Too uncool for these people so there's actually loads of decent film photography!

  18. I would recommend changing lab as the negatives above show signs of developer bubbling/bubble marks (top part of the negatives). They likely used insufficient developer or agitated too vigorously without rapping the tank after each inversion.

  19. Idk this mentality kinda gives off boomer energy. Like why is a screen the “worst” way to view a photo? Why is a print better? I’ve seen people flip through physical photo albums glancing over everything the same way they scroll. And it’s not like once you put a phone in someone’s hand they become a zombie incapable of an artistic thought. Social media is a tool. When a tool becomes obsolete for what you want, it’s time to search for a new one that works better for you.

  20. You nailed it. In my country, boomer photographers run actual crusades against 'scanning' (the evil of all evils) and sharing film photography scans on social media.

  21. I'm always surprised how important social media is to people's photography. I think a lot of people wouldn't bother with photography at all if it wasn't for social media, which is super weird to me.

  22. Screens are vastly better devices that the overrated 'silver gelatin' prints that most boomers seem to love.

  23. There is no good scanning after you've underexposed by that much.

  24. well said. Those people who go around writing that it doesn't matter how you meter if your purpose is scanning (looking at you, wet lab printers who can't scan for sh*t) really have no idea what they're talking about.

  25. eek. i'm not a hater, i really look forward to playing this on day 1, but this has some problems for me. the art style criticism is covered to death. suffice it to say, this just doesn't feel how i want monkey island in 2022 to feel. it just feels...light. i would've loved the old sea salty piratey vibe to just ooze from every pore but this seems very clean, very modern like an iphone game.

  26. Very well articulated, I agree wholeheartedly. Pity.

  27. See I sometimes think I'm living in a different Berlin. I don't recognise the city I live in or the people I am surrounded by from these rants, at all. Everybody is just either indifferent to me (and that suits me fine, peope are busy and getting on with their lives) or extremely kind to me or my family.

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