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  1. Our daughter is 6 years now and most of the times she doesn't like to eat any meat. For example last week my wife made some Champon and our daughter didn't touch the meat in it. So I asked her if she wants more vegetables instead and she said yes. My wife and I like to eat meat, but I thought why not try to adapt and provide our daughter a more vegetarian diet.

  2. I disagree with the idea that we should continue using plastic until a solution to deal with it is developed. That reminds me of global warming, dealing with it by 2050 while the great kills in the meantime. The order should be use the other alternatives first, and use plastics if a solution to deal with it is ever found.

  3. I tried soy lasagna here and enjoyed it (but tiny portion because it's part of a set)

  4. I wonder how long these large point returns will last before they run out of money... (and then everyone goes back to cash?)

  5. Because of Covid cases going up, I've cancelled my plans to continue working remotely while traveling around everywhere using the Seishun18 ticket. Now I'm back to staying at home alone working on hobby projects while listening to lofi.

  6. Even if there is one you likely will end up paying more than buying new.

  7. Even if true, there's a chance it's cheaper if it ends up being a quick fix. Definitely worth the effort to check.

  8. Pineapple pizza is back at Costco! Just ask for a whole Hawaiian with no bacon. Downside is cost went up by ¥100 to ¥1680 compared to last year.

  9. I can't find reasonable vegeterian Japanese options outside big cities. I enjoy shojin ryouri at the temples nearby, and simple udon/soba shops, but everything else has some meat. What happened to all the fake soy meat limited specials of last year?

  10. Vegan is hard, but vegetarian shouldn't be all that difficult. I guess it depends on your definition of reasonable. The plant-based progress really got hurt by a reduction in foreigners from corona, but at least Mos Burger and Cocoichi are there for us

  11. Yeah, my gripe was with what I consider Japanese food. Things with less western influences so avoiding curries, sandwiches and pizzas. I'm aware of the soy patties at Lotteria, Mos, Freshness burger, and Dotour coffee. But I prefer places like shops that have a vegetable tenpura set, or vegan ramen.

  12. Last year I ran into a Google map overlay of places that wanted food waste for their farms. You can try searching online for it, I think keywords were zerowaste, compost, map? There were a few places near Tokyo. I'll edit this if I find it again later.

  13. I'm not sure if this is what I found before, but this has places in Japan.

  14. Registration can be checked by the sticker on your bicycle.

  15. Yeah, my reaction is likely overblown. Rather than 'triggered' I guess I was more left in disbelief that this just happened to me. That led to questions like 'is it okay to let this happen to me?' and reddit was the obvious place to ask.

  16. I don't ride often, but when I have and was stopped I didn't have my registration on me. They just call in the number on the registration sticker to their dispatch and verify it against your residence card.

  17. One more downside is the plastic card expires and needs to be renewed (with a minor fee), while the paper version is presumably fine for life.

  18. I was looking into the same thing. Keywords I would add to your search are 'buyitonce' or 'buyitforlife' . Reddit posts directed me to gustbusters. They're a bit pricey around 5000, but come with lifetime warranties. Other brands are also out there.

  19. Amazon might be slowly changing. Ordered an item the other day and no plastic. The delivery was in a sturdy brown bag and the item wrapped in cloth. Maybe it was just the seller, but I was very happy to see no plastic. My family really needs to be more diligent with getting plastic out of our lives.

  20. Hmm, one less reason to not use Amazon I guess. I'll still try shopping locally when possible to help the community out, but when all else fails, I will maybe consider using Amazon again.

  21. I prefer supporting local as well and when I can. But unfortunately, local business hours are rarely convenient during the work week.

  22. Understandable. My lifestyle lets me do some of these things, so I try where possible. But won't judge those who can't.

  23. Sorry I've got nothing, but your post reminded me of the guy who built his own electric pole for sound:

  24. I’m done with COVID. No more mask for me! :D

  25. Not judging, but I wonder if this is how nudists feel about clothes.

  26. Or buy used since there are so many recycle shops with limited warranties.

  27. On the Yamanote on Sunday aronud 10am, watched a smug foreigner walk in and sit down in the middle of the train without a mask. The difference was jarring with everyone else seated wearing one. The smugness faded into boredom as they were browsing their phone, then got off at Ikebukuro to never be seen again on that day.

  28. I don't think that was his intention, but yeah, he ended up sitting in the middle and kept on smiling for awhile at seemingly nothing. Then possibly due to indifference from everyone around him, eventually got bored, played on his phone, then got off the train. Can't recall where exactly he got on. And yeah, I'm probably oversensitive and am aware I'm not a reliable observer since I'm inserting emotions. But then again, if he had a mask, I wouldn't have thought he was being smug based off his smile!

  29. Very shortsighted and what you're describing is another tragedy of the commons. For a sarcastic take on it: Go ahead, take the money so your child can recover and let the guy keep targeting others since they obviously don't mind the risk of losing money. On the other hand be a hypocrite and hope there isn't another monster out there who also wasn't able to get off with paying off another family like they did to yours.

  30. Nope, they are single use thin plastic cards that are as far as I know are not made of PET plastic which is the only plastic that can be reasonably recycled. They go in the trash and get burned up like most non-PET trash in Japan.

  31. Thanks. I wish they would consider just washing the ink off and reprinting at least. Such a waste with how many must be used daily...

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