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  1. That is no where NEAR a binge I promise you eating like that will not get you fat again. You’re growing and need that energy. sending you love ❤️

  2. Wrist-based trackers can range from mildly inaccurate to wildly inaccurate.

  3. I apologize, I should’ve mentioned I’m 17 so I’m classified by bmi as a healthy weight

  4. yup Im at my “fuck go back phase” after Ive gained weight 🙃

  5. I’ve always been more agnostic but I grew up catholic and Im looking to be more religious, how can I add religion into my everyday life? For context: I wanna be more religious because I want to have hope and faith in something as well as maybe finding hope and faith in my life through Catholicism.

  6. Glory be to God. Have you seen the movie fatima on Netflix? It’s a great well done film! Get your popcorn ready ❤️

  7. its not perfect yet..! but when i perfect it, i will post it on here for everyone to enjoy low calorie, diet pizza!!

  8. omg thank you, it looks delicious and I’ll definitely be trying it when you come out with the recipe! ❤️

  9. So you increased your food by 33% (1200 to 1600) -- which means you also increased the sodium and carbs by 33%. Both of these things, for different reasons, mean that our body will now need and hold more water than it did when eating 1200. This is not new fat and is of no concern -- it's a healthy body doing a normal thing.

  10. subway! no matter what kind of day Im having Im always in the mood for subway.


  12. 3 tortillas- 150 calories. pork belly 200 calories. Everything else 150 calories. 500 total.

  13. I eat three times a day 5 hours apart (the amount of time it takes for your stomach to fully empty). An hour after eating all I am doing is obsessing about the time on the clock until my next time I’m allowed to eat. It’s all I can think about. Nothing can distract me from it either. The second I’m done with my last meal of the day the obsession disappears until I eat breakfast the next morning and lunch countdown begins.

  14. This is exactly what I do. Are we the same person? 💀😭

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