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  1. Amazing i would play with it all day

  2. Disney Plus seems to have a 2hr 25 minutes 4k HDR version on it right now.

  3. Well i think you got the humid heat correct. It was about 100 degrees yesterday today only about 90

  4. The ribs and sausage on the Pit Barrel Cooker, the Wings on the Weber Kettle.

  5. Despite it only being 20 gallons, that thing is a friggin beast! Looks very well made.

  6. Yes this welder that builds them here in socal area name is Titus smokers he builds customs big 1000gal and nice little baby one for me haha

  7. Are you able to keep temp using just wood chunks?

  8. Hahahah man that's funny i just got engaged and it's been a learning experience to get my now fiance to eat a medium steak.

  9. Agreed. Always seems better the next day.

  10. Yes that umami flavor really does come out

  11. I believe some of that is due to your senses being overloaded during the cook. I actually prefer bbq the next day, but hard not to crush it day of.

  12. You have a good point I'll eat a bit less the day off I'm just happy everyone is enjoying the food

  13. Looks awesome! What time and Temps did you use? When did you start applying the sauce? Would like to try this on my 18 WSM this weekend.

  14. Hello friend i smoked these about 275 until reached 150 give or take 1 he 30 mins then i just open the bottom vents up it went up to 330 and cooked them too about 170 internal for about 30 mins this when add my bbq sauce and let it tac on for about 20 mins. Then pull them off and enjoy.

  15. I would get a probe, cooking at 400 definitely have some chicken in a hour. Could be your temp is off and maybe not cooking at 400

  16. If Lawrence of Arabia is out soon too, won't be surprised if it's one of the best 4Ks there is.

  17. Never seen it but i been wanting it just like the 10 commandments never saw it until I got it 4k what great movie and 4k release

  18. Oh definitely get it and also Bridge on the River Kwai. They're both amazing and though long they're extremely entertaining and fly by.

  19. Friend was a security guard in Hawaii when the Marcos landed after freeing the country. He said he unloaded crates of 100 dollar bills, 500 Peso notes and gold. Said it took a couple of hours to empty the 747 the Marcos landed in!

  20. Imagine that's all they could carry with them.

  21. Toro, yellow tail, salmon, mackerel, albacore, eel, uni, maybe red snapper. My guess

  22. What kind wood chunks did you use?

  23. Pecan. felt like hickory in the past was a bit overpowering

  24. Ya i feel now mostly use. Pecan or post oak depending what meat I'm using

  25. No man just get a wsm i feel more bang for the buck. Imo then see if it's something you want further your hobby in. Then deside if want to make more investment.

  26. Brisket puts the B in BBQ !! Yeee haaaaaawwww !!!!

  27. I think buck stops at 4k I don't think cost on spending on new player and disk is cost effective. Also the market is not there. The culture is being pushed to not own media.

  28. Funny I’m doing that today as well! Gonna go with the brisket and Pernil!

  29. Yes sir having good lunch today

  30. Go and learn something if you can and give a few pointers if you can. BBQ is very subjective as we all know. His flavor profile his going to be different and hopefully it is the same vein as yours so you can enjoy it. Or the wife comment works also 😁

  31. It ain't ready till it's ready that's motto haha ya pork butts take long as well.

  32. That i do wonder. Sometimes when when I go i bring back frozen tuna that been brought up from Sinaloa it's great and won't break the bank.

  33. I'm big fan of wsm 18in once it up to temp i rides all day long

  34. I have rub like that i use it has mix i use it on everything now.

  35. They look good! Bet it’s a PIA to remove each one individually.

  36. Don’t you need a tin and some sauce for burnt ends?

  37. I'm not finished yet i guess post later when done so can check the finished product.

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