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  1. I used it for a long time as well, my problem is that it makes garrison buildings that add walls fairly useless. Enemy armies can just roll up and raze in one turn and it leaves little room for reaction. I honestly preferred game 2 to how base game 3 handles it.

  2. The one I have is only when attacking so your settlements are fine. It just makes the ai Sally out to fight you.

  3. Oh nice, what's the name so I can look it up?

  4. I've never seen a blender with the top off that didn't just spray the entire smoothie over the whole kitchen, including the ceiling.

  5. If you start slow and slowly up the rpms it won't splash. Fancy blenders have a dial you can slowly turn.

  6. Welcome to government contract workers in any country. I’ve seen people whose entire job is to watch a spot after someone welds to avoid fires. That’s it for 8 hours a day.

  7. Firewatch is a job in many sectors of construction, not just government.

  8. I don't really know how long it takes but I think after some time Steam needs you to go online again, to check if you still possess the game.

  9. Steam let's you go offline indefinitely now, semi recent change.

  10. Then you haven't heard the horror stories from former Mormons. There's a lot of fucked up shit that goes on behind the scenes. Lots of cult manipulation tactics, straight up lies, the fact that the Mormon church was founded by polygamist pedos who used their "religion" to cover it up and make it ok. The fact that Joe Smith, the primary founder, supposedly translated the "brass plates" he found in upstate New York with a "magic" rock in a hat. Never mind the fact that just a few years earlier he had actually been arrested for using the "magic Rock in a hat" to con travelers and tourists out of their money. I've heard stories about a young girl who was sexually assaulted and raped by a ward leadership member, and instead of punishing the man who did it, leadership instead turned their ire on the victim, shaming her and gaslighting her into thinking it was her fault. An old Bishop of the Silverton Ward literally told my stepmom she needed to get back together with her highly abusive ex husband and that it was her "wifely and womanly" duty to get pregnant to make him stay. What you saw was what the church wanted you to see.

  11. Then why does everyone portray him ugly as shit ?

  12. There's that wierd TV show where he looks normal

  13. Not rare in all lower western states.

  14. Yeah I've been online only for 10 years now. Much easier to pick up and play a draft in less then 2 hours.

  15. Idk man I was just fucking with you. But with the door you would need to pay for labor. So the door probably costs less but you gotta pay someone to install it. Iron doors like that in USA can run a couple thousand brand new.

  16. you're vastly underestimating how cheap labor is in some parts of the world

  17. Have people not heard that song? It's a banger.

  18. Isn't it like the plot of every zombie story from the last 20 years

  19. Plau slay the spire as a pallet cleanser

  20. makes me not wanna wear my cool spiderman bookbag : (

  21. It's funny cause you will not read what sub it is and try to understand wtf is going on.

  22. Flower, remove strike and essence of darkness for champ. You can't really beat him atm. Hyperbeam will almost always be better then a strike.

  23. Now it's time for heart a20 all chars.

  24. Don't forget Death Globe Globadiers. I slept on these and Wind Mortars hard.

  25. Unfortunately they do a lot of friendly fire and have too short a range.

  26. And remember kids, always use ublock origin on your desktop browser.

  27. Or on mobile with Firefox. That's how I watch youtube

  28. I am also expecting a skyrim anime cause it's been so long since we have had a new version lol.

  29. It was just announced at Japan game show. Special edition hadn't released there yet

  30. Thewhole thing is like that. Must be ai

  31. It's also only been 4 episodes. And I like sir cristan, and that new hand of king guy.

  32. No this is an acorn card.

  33. Gotcha, so if it has an acorn its not legal right? What symbol do the legal ones have.

  34. Legal rares and mythics have a little horizontal oval, and commons and uncommons have no symbol at all.

  35. Shit, even the badass synthwave cover of it by CthulhuSeeker (it's on Youtube; mobile site sucks at providing links) has the chant in it. It's THAT crucial to the song.

  36. That's indeed the one. Providing links is hard on the mobile site I have to use on my tablet.

  37. I'm on mobile, but no worries happy to help. Took me awhile to get the hang of it.

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