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  1. nope, it would make an exceptional hifi with a good efficient horn speaker or just a good old bookshelf speaker. I hope the OP will consider just plugging into a few components and having fun and enjoying the tube sound, it's a good little amp.

  2. I would love to run this amp at my apartment but there is a cell tower directly across the street (and I mean literally across the street, I see it from my window) that sends nasty interference. I have a home music studio and I had to make Faraday cages for a lot of my gear so that I could work on things. I tried plugging this amp in and it was disgusting how much the cell tower messed with it. Its really unfortunate because I would love to have a setup with it.

  3. That thing is gorgeous. It's so unique and beautiful that I would build a setup around it. If you have to sell it just list it for $20 over your investment. You make a little, and you feel good about putting it into the hands of someone who will appreciate it. You did a good thing saving it.

  4. Thanks! I was in the basement at the estate sale and saw old speaker wire running in a few places. I followed it to under the work bench and it was there covered in grime. I knew it had to be rescued hahah. I might just keep it now!

  5. Feel free to do it yourself. When you finish I think you may be able to notice what part of the job cost $600

  6. Thanks for all the love on this video yall! Here’s a link to my sample pack.

  7. Dope af & I like the setup & Chinese oriental rug

  8. Holler if you need help setting it up! Not sure what MPC you’re using, but there are a couple of settings you have to change to allow the sounds to play at the same time and you have to add mute groups.

  9. Word, I don’t know shit about the One unfortunately. It should be easy though.

  10. “North Oceanside shit” is a dis only people who live in San Diego will get lol

  11. It sounds awesome, please keep us posted when the tape is out !

  12. Love the drum sound and those pads are so warm.

  13. Sounds so sick man I love it. Are you using the 404 Sx as an external effect for vinyl sim here? Much love !!

  14. Yo! Thank you so much. In this I’m just using the 404s compressor. It beefs up the whole thing.

  15. Not yet! I’m dropping a new tape shortly and this will be on there for sure.

  16. no problem, just wanted let you know that you doing great work and I'll keep repeating it over and over again lol

  17. All these beats are sick. Really sounding like a MIKE or Medhane track. Great sampling and the drums kick

  18. Yo! Thank you so much. I don’t know those artists, but I’m gonna check them out. I really appreciate the kind words.

  19. Keep up the good work man! Also, if you ever need live bass on a track, I’ve played for 20 years and I’d love to lay something down

  20. Just so you guys know I was super nervous to post this. I've never shared my work with anyone so Idk if it sounds good or not. Any tips or questions are welcomed!

  21. Yo! Thanks for having the guts to post this. It’s definitely hard to put yourself out there. This beat has a lot of cool ideas but it feels chaotic and messy. Less is more most of the time. Try to simplify things and work on making the tones of each instrument work together. Would love to hear more in the future. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Thanks! I own an Akai MPK Mini, so I already own the MPC app, but i have'nt used it much, but it's a good option to consider :)

  23. For sure. I also use Ableton. A sampler is a sampler so it doesn’t really matter what you use. Holler on IG if you have any other questions.

  24. I love how you can drum and play the other samples at the same time! This is such an upbeat tune too :)

  25. Thanks! I got my 404 for $200 on Craigslist 3-4 years ago. The new 404 mkii might make the SX cheaper, but I can’t say for sure. If you have a smartphone, the Koala app is really cool and very similar to a 404. Akai also makes an MPC app. Those are cheaper options to look in to.

  26. so jealous of your setup but the beat is sick 💎

  27. Same here! Is that a Tascam 4-track?

  28. It is. It’s been fun running everything live to cassette and dumping the audio in to Ableton to master it.

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