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  1. This is so childish. Keep thinking like this and you'll be broke all your life and never be an owner.

  2. Sounds like you're settled. Rolled over and waiting for the bitter existence to fade.

  3. The LC should be made harder, especially in maths. It should also remain anonymous and based in 1 test, not some bullshit continuous assessment.


  5. Antifa is the name of a ultra alt-left domestic terrorist organization in the United States who, ironically, uses fascist and nazi-esque techniques (violence) against anyone they don't agree with. They are known for violent protesting and rioting. They also consist primarily of criminals, losers, and leftists (essentially all the same thing).

  6. This is news to me. Ive never seen or heard of any of these riots. "Antifa" just seems like a boogeyman that ppl made up.

  7. Being a martial arts fan who's also a communist means knowing that EVERY SINGLE ONE of your idols is a right-wing nut.

  8. José Aldo is currently hosting (read HIDING) former president Jair Bolsonaro, who fled to the US to avoid being sent to prison for crimes that include, but are not limited to, TWO GENOCIDES.

  9. This shit is why I stopped following MMA, arseholes everywhere...

  10. Pronouns are as old as language itself, theyre not a new invention

  11. My mom didn't challenge me when I came out as transgender at 14. I started hormones at 19. She is fully supportive. I think a lot of people would judge her for that. Oh and she let me open all my gifts on xmas eve. She loves giving gifts so much, she can hardly ever wait. It's cute.

  12. I'm not Irish, but I've lived in Ireland for 13 years now. I need to apply for citizenship. I just don't have the 1000 quid down the back of the sofa to pay for it.

  13. I want to have something sweet as a first timer...I heard they're bitter by nature.

  14. Im a straight white male with zero guilt

  15. I haven’t been everywhere in Ireland so don’t claim to be an expert, but Tuam was fucking dire.

  16. Having lived in Tuam for almost 2 decades, I am inclined to agree

  17. Oh come off it pal. Just try and have fun and enjoy your life.

  18. The Spartans were actually pretty progressive (in some ways) and held women in far higher esteem than Taint fans.

  19. Yeah btw, this guy seems to be an enormous misogynist and anti semite (pretty sure he's a holocaust denier)

  20. Hey man, I just want to say thanks for commenting this, it was really interesting. Your dad sounded like he was an awesome guy.

  21. The Spiffing Brit regularly makes jokes acknowledging Britain's genocidal colonial past so It wouldn't worry

  22. Our youth nowadays has a strong desire for luxury, has bad manners, disdain for authority and no respect for the elderly, preferring chats instead of training! Young people do not get up when an older person comes into the room, speak to their parents, do not keep silent in company, and tyrannize their teachers.

  23. Oh shit, im sorry about that. Kinda wish you'd added the guys name at the end, or atleast put it in quotes.

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