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  1. Lol, metrics what you think this is? A bunch of people in this thread don't agree with you that dissonance is all that needs to be said. If half think its good and half not, then it is not good. Just cause the hardcore fanboys are on copium. I can even tell you to look at how this manga, which was constantly in top 10 most popular manga in Japan while running in shounen jump, now hasn't even got 90 upvotes on reddit. I hope I don't have to spell out what that means for you as it is obvious, people left and dropped it and they don't do that cause it's good. Look at the following of Berserk and HxH, this doesn't have that.

  2. I wonder how many people are even gonna buy this at full price lol

  3. If this game is as good the first one then I hope plenty of people will buy it.

  4. Is the show over? I was streaming it on YouTube about 40 mins behind and then it got pulled off and said “this video is private”

  5. It's not unusual for Arte to remove a livestream concert after it ended and to reupload it later. I don't know if it's for contractual reasons or just to upload a video with better quality.

  6. I pulled the same muscle twice in a week. We are not the same.

  7. Evolving Skies taketh away, Evolving Skies... taketh away again

  8. Berserk is graphic but it’s tasteful too, it’s not porn.

  9. I wouldn't describe troll rape or Wyald as tasteful. It's not trashy but it sure can be cruel or over the top.

  10. It's the Path to the Peak secret rare card from Astral Radiance

  11. okay, let me explain everything going on in this picture, and you can tell me it isn't legendary after. Dialga controls time, in this reflection we all the phases of the moon and the sun because of "omnipresent time" or just a super speed shot. Clearly we're looking at a reflection in the water. I can only assume that this time illusion is only visible in the reflection that's why the colors of the clouds are weird because of something with the wavelengths of light. color scheme is amazing and definitely deserves to be one of the most legendary alt arts because of attention to lore.

  12. Did you open it at Disneyland? How did you protect it until the end of the day?

  13. Oh nice. I never played that one. Only played XC2 but I’m not sure if that one had such a setting. I suffered through like 60 hours of that. Lol.

  14. It might be a good idea to play Xenobalde DE before 3!

  15. "Getting back into the hobby" Already complaining about pulls when pulls 6 ultra rares and a secret rare... Typical 2022 TCG collector

  16. When watching the comments of the Xbox Showcase it felt like I was the only one being really excited for this.

  17. Never, EVER, look at comments during a livestream.

  18. These pulls are only from 32 packs?

  19. Yup! There are times when I open 50 boosters and get less than half of that, but today was a miracle!

  20. I openend more than 200 boosterpacks and didn't get a secret card. And only one alt art

  21. Oof I hope you will have better luck in the future!

  22. That's clearly James Turner's new game that he announced after leaving Game Freaks. Looks amazing!

  23. We're finally reaching a time where you can play a game on your TV without dedicated hardware, then switch almost seamlessly to your smartphone and keep playing. The biggest challenge here is to maintain a great internet connection, but hopefully unlimited high speed internet and 5G will make it easier in the following years.

  24. Oh man is that a cut on top of Gardenia's vigor? Quality control is really bad with Astral Radiance.

  25. Finally, almost 4 years later we have some updates on this, the premise sounds great

  26. Wit has been working with Netflix for years now :

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