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  1. I remember seeing this in a rental shop at the time and haven’t seen it since. Glad I wasn’t imagining this. But yeah, I think styrofoam was in the other slot.

  2. Adding on to contacting a seller with several items you want.

  3. If they submitted it for an Emmy, it’s an FYC copy for TV Academy voters.

  4. I have a background in film studies, not production. It does come in handy since I work in editorial. I just happened into post production, though. I’ve always loved movies and tv, but that’s not the case for most of my colleagues. No one I’ve worked with ever shows up at the aero or the New Beverly.

  5. Wow, I’m impressed by the propaganda. I’m hoping it backfires, though. This guy is creepy af.

  6. Are you able to see if a red laser (light) is visible when it’s moving up and down? If there is a visible light, double check the sensor next to it. Sometimes they get dusty and can’t sense the disc, triggering the motor to do the spin. Clean the sensor with a qtip or something.

  7. He isn't making too many friends, but I'm thinking after Stitt he runs for senate, gov or some sort of other politic. He'll make it so he's the only Republican running. Then he'll coast into the position because no Republican will vote Democrat.

  8. 100% this guy fails upward. There is a vocal minority on social media, but the voters respond to his talking points.

  9. I like that one a lot. It’s a great companion to Dick Tracy. The way they timed More in the end credits to end with the Touchstone logo. Hanky Panky remains one of my favorites.

  10. I’m on the same dosage of both. Up until about six months or so ago, my adderall worked quite well for me. There’s never been interference between the two prescriptions. The lexapro keeps my anxiety under control.

  11. Do you have a link to an article? Thanks


  13. Do you want to get out of Florida altogether? There are cheaper places there to consider.

  14. Dvd recorder at highest bitrate or record with a Digital8 cam and capture from that.

  15. I saw this pop up and then realized it’s in my hometown, which is not very big and would never make the news. Beyond comprehension.

  16. I honestly feel given his behavior and appearance. Walters is on drugs...not the sq788 kind either.

  17. Absolutely! This is drugs and/or legit mental problems. OCD at the very least. And like many have said, his eyes look black and soulless.

  18. Based on what I read, the amount that went to OETA for fiscal year 23 is $2.87 million. It’s around 70¢ per person. It’s also 10% less than the previous year.

  19. Looks like Indecent Proposal, Ghost and The Firm Orig rental tapes.

  20. I used to use bubble mailers. One tape got damaged, so that was the end of those. I use boxes that are sized for vhs. The weight isn’t that much more. It’s unfortunate you don’t have media mail up there.

  21. Great. Another 12” I’ll have to look for. I just got the 12” for “Be There” by The Pointer Sisters. I didn’t realize there is one for the Pebbles song.

  22. This is likely in the master used to produce each disc. The overscan on a crt would’ve cut this off. These most likely came from tape masters, so this would definitely be at the bottom of picture.

  23. It’s not just you. There are a lot of threads about this. I’m also convinced something is off. I told my doctor it’s not really working and he has me taking half of my dose. I don’t feel any different. My pharmacy only gives sandoz. I refused it a few months back, but it’s such a hassle to call around every month, I just take what I can get.

  24. Diabolik dvd is always well packaged. Vinegar syndrome, too.

  25. Finally saw Ishtar recently. It’s really funny. Not sure why the hate at the time.

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