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  1. I’ve always struggled with getting burned, regardless of how much sunscreen and protection I use, or stay in the shade. I am always mindful of any changes to my skin. Cancer is prevalent in my family so I try to stay hyper vigilant. Thank you for the info!

  2. And, you haven't formed a concern that something else could be wrong health-wise??!!!!

  3. I went to urgent care and followed up with my doctor. I’m fine.

  4. These transformations are just blowing my mind. I've done every diet known to man. I'm love the gym and yet the needle doesn't move for me. I have PCOS and fibroids so that's a hoot. But to see this little surgery be the tool to help you shift that weight and help you reach a healthier weight, i just don't understand why its not promoted or supported more openly. You look fantastic. Great job.

  5. Thank you! You’d definitely think it’d be more supported. I have PCOS as well and this has been the only thing that has helped me to drop the weight.

  6. My endocrinologist told me that at first w a sleeve you can do great, but she had seen so many women put weight back on because more than one hormone is responsible for hunger, esp when you have PCOS (NOT just Ghrelin like a lot of surgeries advertise).

  7. I really appreciate all the info! It makes me feel more hopeful with the surgery. It would just be nice to have my life back.

  8. Be aware some surgeons won't even discuss surgery if you're not capable of going on birth control. I went to one of these and didn't end up going with her for a bunch of reasons. I know that copper IUDs are hormone free. Personally I'm allergic.

  9. I’ve already discussed with my surgeon and he’s fine with it as he knows my circumstances. When I was 14 I was put on BC for irregular periods. I then developed a DVT that evolved into a PE. At that time they diagnosed me with thrombophilia, but about a year ago I was tested again as I was seeing a hematologist for my anemia, and I was diagnosed improperly. But with all the bloodwork and everything he did, he said I should stay away from all hormone BC. I know I won’t be able to get pregnant for at least 18 months after surgery. But I’m also single, so I’m not anticipating that at all anytime soon.

  10. I chose sleeve because it’s less complicated of a surgery, recovery is quicker, less malabsorption problems, and my wife felt more comfortable with it. My surgeon, who’s a complete dick to everyone, berated me for my decision. I stuck to my guns, told him how much I lost was up to me, that I am not a statistic, and that I’d have to probably continue to lose after the first year with either surgery to reach my goal. “No,” he said. “You’ll lose more with bypass.” Whatever. I haven’t hit six months yet and I am down 152 total and 118 since the surgery. I have 48-68 pounds left to lose to reach my goal. I don’t regret my decision.

  11. Do research, etc. but keep an open mind when you get your consult. Do to medical needs/risks, etc. your doc should rec a specific method and should also be willing to discuss this with you. Also, from what I understand, there may be a reason to change the plan later (if something comes up) so discuss these possibilities with them too.

  12. When I went into my consult I thought for sure I’d want to do the sleeve. After having our informational meeting and speaking with the doctor I haven’t been sure what I want. They only perform 2 options where I’m at, which are the sleeve and RNY. He told me either would be great for me and he wasn’t leaning more one way or the other. I’ve been trying to come up with my answer but it’s been a struggle.

  13. I use MyNetDiary. You can create recipes in that and star ones that you use more frequently to find easier. It also has the barcode scanning and if they don’t have a food in their system you can add it. I love it

  14. What I don’t understand is when the person will ask you for a first date and you make plans.. everything seems hunky dory and then a few hours prior to when I verify plans are still on, ghosted. Some will even talk to me up until a couple hours before our date and then nothing. At least have the balls to cancel. I don’t care what bullshit excuse you come up with, just don’t ever have someone show up to just sit there. That’s a dick move.

  15. YTA. You say you don't want your daughter to have an unhealthy relationship with food, but you are absolutely ENCOURAGING it with comments like that. Eating a cookie after a run is not unhealthy.

  16. Exactly this! You shouldn’t make comments like that as it truly does come off as judging and will make a bad association with food. My sister did this to my niece and she got to where she was throwing up after eating and took years for her to get a normal healthy relationship with food. She has never been overweight at all, and yet she had the complex of being overweight.

  17. I was pissed when I saw the video from the inside of Jimmy’s. I ordered take out from Chapz Roadhouse in Lakeview tonight. Figured I’d support a small business, I get there and they have 15 cars in the lot. They’re going business as usual in there. Not a single mask. Lakeview is small and there’s been way too many cases as of late.

  18. Unfortunately he did, I just checked the results because I wanted to see where things were at. Trump has 73 mill and Biden has 79 mill.

  19. I’m curious as to how many of those were young adults who don’t follow any politics but voted how they’re parents vote.

  20. Yeah I just wasn’t sure with the depths of that bad boy, if they had to open that person several times and sometimes more so, to try to remove all of the infection. Could entirely be from something else, but this one seemed like a difficult one.

  21. Why is it that people on YouTube and sometimes here are all over the Asian spa women to change their gloves if they get a spot of the client’s blood on them and no one calls on this (or any other) doctor to change their gloves? This looked like an abattoir. For a good reason. But somehow when an esthetician drains a cyst, they have to be pristine while doing it.

  22. The only thing that bothers me with gloves is when they put the chunks of whatever the case may be, onto them. I just feel like that’s unhygienic and will lead to those bits getting back on the client. Otherwise unless you get a hole in your gloves, I don’t see a point in changing them.

  23. Did you drink anything other than soda? Bottled or tap water? Is the shooting pain generalized? Sorry to hear you're going through this 😞

  24. I was just curious if you ever found out what was going on with you? Did your doctor end up doing a brain MRI?

  25. I never found out. My doctor had me go to the local ER as my symptoms were not getting better. Went in and had a brain mri done. Results to them were "normal" but they wanted me to see a neurologist, as did my PCP (she's seen neurologists look at the imaging CD and have different diagnosis than ER docs). I would love for the internet to take a peak, but there's hundreds of photos

  26. I’m sorry to hear that. I’m glad you’re at least doing somewhat better. I haven’t gotten any answers either. I still haven’t been able to get set up with a neurologist. My doctors office can’t even get thru to anyone, or a call back. They’ve moved onto different doctors and still nothing. I’m doing better, but I’m like you and have off days. I keep hoping for answers but with Covid I’m sure there won’t be any until all of this is a distant memory.

  27. I find it super weird that they trimmed the mustache before messing with that abscess.

  28. My only option is to use Paragard and with reading up on it, I don’t want to. I’d rather have constant periods. It just seems like there’s too many bad side effects and also at the same time not enough information. I’m so glad you’re doing better, just sorry you had to go about it that way.

  29. The bleeding was so bad. I haven’t leaked through my pants in my entire life... with paragard It was common. I would bleed through two (YES, I would use TWO) super tampons within an hour or two and it would be a mess. If your goal is lighter periods this probably won’t do the trick. 😬

  30. Oh wow that’s horrible. I already have problems bleeding that much. That’s my doctors all wanted to come up with a solution as I’m bleeding so much that I’m having problems with anemia and iron deficiency. Being a woman sometimes sucks.

  31. You Should be able to do implanon, mirena, or mini pill

  32. Aren’t all of those hormonal? I was told my only option for non hormonal birth control was Paragard.

  33. They are progestin only options. It’s the combo hormones that are the issue. Estrogen methods increase clotting risk. I have the highest risk and am on mirena

  34. NTA. You have to do what’s right for you. If what she did jeopardizes your schooling in any way, which it sounds like it has the potential, you need to speak with your professor. It may end up sucking for them, but they took the actions that led them to where they are.

  35. That "do as I say, not as I do" shit? I hate that. The best thing you can do is to hold yourself to a high moral standard. Hopefully their two-sided ways will catch up with them in the end. I don't believe in karma, but you can still be a good person.

  36. Oh for sure! I get it. Dealt with it SO much at previous jobs. I try to be a good person as well, but sometimes ya just have to give them a response that makes them scramble and hopefully re-evaluate themselves.

  37. This. It’s hard though sometimes. I once had someone just harp on me about it ridiculously for something petty. I just let them know that in the future maybe they should lead by example.

  38. The Ghostbusters female version. I don’t remember the specific name or care to spend time looking it up. I just remember being pissed off that I wasted $8 going to see it and my time.

  39. Has your doctor spoken to you at all about doing Iron Infusions? My iron was a little lower than yours (8) a few months back and they had me do 2 sessions while taking the medicine and it helped a lot. Just in case you end up getting that done, if it hurts - let the nurses know. I didn’t know the first time that they could slow it down and then it didn’t hurt at all the 2nd time.

  40. My son was like this his first two years of high school. We found that he waited a day to do his homework until the night before it was due. So, despite having an A day, that night he did the B day's homework that was due the next day. We encouraged him to switch it up and do the homework that was assigned that day on that night. We immediately saw an improvement. It was like he was losing something because there was too much time, and too much new information between his classes and when he finally did his homework for them, even though it was only 48 hours.

  41. NAD but I can’t tell how deep your cut gets. Also, are you up to date on your tetanus? If not, definitely a trip to the doctors.

  42. You're allergic to the adhesive. I'm also sensitive to most medical adhesives. Tell your doc and get them to switch it up until you find an adhesive you can tolerate. Good luck!

  43. Thank you! Will do. I’m hoping to be able to remove this thing come tomorrow morning! It’s really no fun.

  44. Good. Mine just get worse and worse the longer I leave the adhesive on. From redness, to a blister, to the skin starts to melt, resulting in scabbing and a long healing process. Always in the exact shape of the adhesive.

  45. That is terrible. I’m so sorry to hear that. That’s I’m really curious to see what’s going on underneath this adhesive. On occasion it starts to burn a bit but nothing too bad thankfully.

  46. Ok, so I saw your post on askdocs and looked again at what you wrote here. It's been long since I last looked into neurological symptoms, but did you have done any of these? Also, you might want to include any of them in your post there, since it's a higher chance a neurologist would see your post.

  47. I don’t believe I’ve had any of those tests done. If the ECG is echocardiogram I am scheduled to get one done soon with bubble. I think in a couple weeks.

  48. It's an electrocardiogram. I'm glad you'll get one done, just to be safe.

  49. That’s ok. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at it. It’s greatly appreciated

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