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  1. You look good man. Arms are looking succulent. What program you running? I wanna be as tst as you one day

  2. Ik what you mean op. People ought to reap the benefits of a well executed pull up, not just kip them out or half rep em. It's a disservice to such an amazing exercise

  3. Emasculating self deprecating humor is such a turn off.

  4. Considering your 14, you probably won't take what I say seriously but I'm going to say it anyway. I don't fault you for disregarding what I'm about to say either because you're supposed to be naive at your age. I'm much older than you, so I'm here to tell you that you don't need to get noticed by other people and you probably already are. I can tell you that you seem to be much stronger than I was at 14, and I'm sure you're already much stronger than the majority of 14 year olds that you're around. You seem to already have an impressive physique for someone your age, so just keep working on what you have and don't aspire to be better than someone else. Keep skateboarding and keep following the routine that you're doing. Both those things will bring you more satisfaction than trying to be the strongest in the room. Your confidence and strength will grow if you turn your focus inward rather than out.

  5. This guy at my job who I've worked closely with maybe three times, started showing me his entire twitter feed which is just saturated with nude girls. He was even telling me there was one girl on there who he plans to fuck in the next couple of weeks and is making a dedicated trip out of it to Chicago and yet he has a girlfriend. He's constantly talking about all the fat ass and fat pussies he sees around our job. Maybe it's just dudes being dudes and he thinks that's a way to relate to another guy, but I found it distasteful to show and talk about it with to someone who wouldn't even consider him an acquaintance.

  6. "No prettier sight than lookin back on a town you left behind"

  7. Beautiful. There is something so ethereal, moving about silent goodbyes that it almost makes me cry.

  8. Jesse Vieira who used to skate for GX hit a security guard in the head with his board, causing him brain damage and to lose 3/4 if not 1/2 of his skull. This happened 3 years ago mind you, so I'd hope that GX made some kind of reparations to the guy who was assaulted. I haven't followed them since that, so take my opinion with a grain of salt obviously.

  9. That’s not what happened. Security guard tried to be employee of the year and instead of calling the cops he wanted to Captain Save-a-building, got socked with a punch and hit his head on the ground. Sure the skaters should’ve moved on but he did get in their face first.

  10. I'll admit that I gave misinformation, but I don't agree the behavior was justified just because the security guard may have started it. They should have just moved on before it was started- there was no reason for physical aggression.

  11. I have insider info that Nyjah actually did film himself raping a girl and sent the vid to multiple people

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