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  1. But the one I originally replied to included "12 year old mother 75 year old father" of which there was only one as well. The statement about the number of 50 year old women giving birth was a whole different paragraph. It was referring to all the 50 year old women, not just the one example.

  2. yeah thats all fine and good. you said you're not sure what their point was, i was explaining their point. maybe they were wrong, they can be wrong. you can understand someone without agreeing with them. you dont have to agree with them to understand why they were confused. why are we even still talking

  3. What's to agree with? They said to look at the graph again. There's no viewpoint to agree or disagree with.

  4. their view point was that it's not surprising. you said it was surprising, they replied with a counter, therefore you can infer that their view point was that it isn't

  5. Saw Avatar in 3D this weekend. It really is the only good 3D movie out there.

  6. You're defending a stupid-ass, unrealistic piece of "entertainment". So yeah. I'll continue to have the same mindset regardless of what you say.

  7. If I and all the rest of the world can enjoy a movie series that glorifies pirates despite the very concept of a pirate meaning you steal from others and historically almost always murder or rape them too, I don't think it's that hard to enjoy this movie. It ain't that deep

  8. almost thru with Attack on Titan and blown away how crazy the story has been, was hoping for some recommendations on other shows with super rollercoaster plots that keep throwing you for a loop. reminds me of how i felt watching Lost, Severance so far, season 2 & 3 of the expanse, Breaking Bad (but in a different way?), Neon Genesis. The Leftovers is a character show but S1E3's plot was a pretty wild hour, the season 2 finale of Hannibal was crazy too.

  9. Apple has successfully convinced American users that their unwillingness to adopt RCS is somehow the fault of everyone else.

  10. RCS has nothing to do with it. when apple inevitably does adopt it, they'll still differentiate between apple users and non-apple. they're not gonna abandon one of the most brilliant marketing schemes in modern history just cuz some android users are salty, and im saying this as someone with a galaxy

  11. Just got Kingdom Rush a couple weeks ago, as my first "not normal" board game (as my friend put it lol, no shade intended).

  12. was at a bank today to open an account, and they had a promo offer for a credit card, said if i spend $500 in the first couple months, i'd get $200 cash back. i thought, ok, sounds like chase's cc offer, so i considered it. but then i realized i had just opened another credit card (my first) a month ago, so i told the banker actually nevermind, because i dont wanna take a hit on my credit (since im pretty sure opening too many accounts in a short span looks bad, right?) he said not to worry, since i'm pre-approved (not pre-qualified) and that they won't check my credit. im assuming they could see it, but i assume they meant a hard check vs a soft check.

  13. recently moved, there's one local bank with a $400 reward for new checking accounts and another regional bank with a $300 reward (TD Bank and Citizens, respectively). i read the terms and conditions and it seems i just have to keep them open for 6 months after opening. i already have an account with chase, but $700 for two banks is surely too good of an offer to pass up, right? i know there might be an additional tax form at the end of the year but i would assume that's worth it and not just a trick to prey on desperate people

  14. one of my favorite parts is that the title "Nope" works on three levels.

  15. Can you clarify your question? Are you looking for more popular games or other shooters?

  16. i dont know how else to ask it lol. i guess i accidentally listed mostly shooters but i'd count mortal kombat and xcom and LA noire and the witcher in that list and they're not. the switch is just really big for indie games but i was curious about ones that that feel more like typical console stuff, like that push the limits of the hardware

  17. Do you want more multiplatform AAA games?

  18. i guess thats a good term for it

  19. is there a way to do this thru tax software? i used freetaxusa last year and seems they can't do this, or if they can then their UI is stupid. i've been reading and trying to fill out and calculate for the last hour and have a headache and dont know how much leeway i have for this "estimate"

  20. I don't think so. You don't actually file any of the forms with the IRS.

  21. OK yeah that's what I did roughly, and I also saw now that as long as I owe less than $1000 for my return then I won't have a penalty, so if my math is right then at a 12% bracket I'd have to be more than $10k off which I probably wouldn't be. But if I'm over, I can just apply that as a credit towards the next year's return, right? (I think I read that somewhere). So it'd be best to overestimate like you said and that wouldn't really be an issue I'm thinking

  22. 60k with a masters is bad though, especially with how expensive housing is in Seattle.

  23. it's 33% higher than the comment i was replying to and lots of the other comments here i've seen, some of which were in major cities.

  24. But it’s not if you factor in cost of living in Seattle.

  25. do you think seattle costs more than new york city or los angeles? because it doesn't, and the pay in those cities is the same if not less

  26. any company or person who you do more than $600 in business with in a year (regardless of whether you're an established business, selling nudes on snapchat would be considered a sole proprietorship) is required to fill out a form to send to the irs, and usually you fill out that form's info for them. used to be 20k but this this year they lowered it to 600, probably because of all the pandemic hustlers and freelancers.

  27. Former foster parent here. The training and books all talk about living with a traumatized child, but nothing prepares you for it. It’s brutal. My husband and I had nightmares the whole first week from the stories he told us. Traumatized children can attempt to sabotage your marriage in a bid to see how stable their new environment is. Stay strong. You and your wife are welcome to DM any time you need to.

  28. i've thought about becoming a foster parent when im older, is it "possible" to foster a kid who hasn't gone thru trauma? not that they don't deserve it ofc, but like if i didnt think i'd be able to be a good parent to someone in that situation and/or handle them. maybe that sounds shitty or selective to say though but better than not at all? also im asking this with the assumption that orphaned kids are considered in the foster system (in the US)

  29. Every foster kid will have trauma. Removal from the birth parents only happens after there has been enough documented evidence of neglect or abuse, which means it has likely been happening for a long time.

  30. I thought foster kids also included orphans? But I understand obviously what most people mean when they say foster kids. That makes sense, thanks for your response

  31. Felt the same way for years after college. Finally tried some of the friend finder apps (bumble bff, meetup), and met some awesome people over the past couple of months!

  32. what'd you do for finding groups on meetup within your age range (since by the college statement it sounds like you'd be around my age)? i just moved and tried this myself but there never seems to be anyone in their 20s, maybe its just not popular here tho

  33. Edge doesn't do the same since the switch? That's interesting if so. I said Chrome, but really it's based on the open source Chromium browser (which Chrome is also based on if I recall, but it could be the other way around). I wonder if something Google has in the non open source version of their browser is causing RAM issues that aren't there in the open source version. Weird.

  34. i got it after reading online that it uses way less ram and how that was funny since its based on chrome. got it, it did indeed use way less ram. i dont dislike safari but 1. i have an android so its nice to have the same browser on all my devices and 2. there are tons of great edge/chrome store plugins i would imagine safari doesnt have, twitter video downloader, html5 autoplay disabler, and youtube dislike displayer being my fave niche ones

  35. yeah i asked myself that right after posting it lmao. i think my thought process going in was that i might not need to replace the whole screen tho, or that one of those third party repair places could fix it for cheaper bc its simple enough 🤷

  36. my mom would ask me every single time i went out where i was going and for how long and with who--and she only knew literally two of my high school friends, she just wanted to know the names. eventually, feeling "suffocated" like you put it, i told her one day like "whats the point. you dont know if im telling the truth. half the time i make up the answer just cuz i dont think the answer matters." and that i felt like i was on a leash having her need to know everything all the time. her response to that was (and still is even tho i moved out) that "shes just being a mother." and i would either be like "plenty of mothers arent like this" or just say fine.

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