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  1. did we ever get an alt art of the other two hisui starters? typhlosion is my favorite :(

  2. I’m not sure if non music majors can use the instrument library, but you can try music masters on Monroe

  3. almost positive people in my campus band class have rented stuff out, you should be able to!

  4. There’s a learning curve until you click in on mechanisms and then it’s a breeze

  5. our last two exams were on mechanisms which is why the averages are so low, it was so overwhelming learning them at first but then they started to click and it made learning addition mechanisms for our last exam so much easier :)

  6. Damn I didn’t realize the averages were there. Your first test score was basically average so honestly fine with a curve at the end of the class. But you really went above and beyond, especially on that last exam! Awesome job, keep it up!

  7. oh I am definitely betting on that curve, there’s no way he can fail everyone 🥲 thank you so much :))

  8. Im having a lot of fun watching the show after being a big fan of the manga so I def recommend reading it, plus it’s a very bingeable series and I think it’s incredible :)))

  9. seconding three rivers, went there with my friends a few weeks ago and it was beautiful :) the campsite is nice and comes with a very good fire pit for cooking and the lakeside view is stunning

  10. DO NOT TAKE HIM!!!! I’m sure you already know that but he’s terrible I did worse in his class than I’m doing in organic Chem right now and that is really saying something 😭

  11. mine did too!!! blisters are stacked. so jealous of the serperior

  12. i love that trainer gallery!!! the art is so cool

  13. late night is tough since there really isn’t a lot of places that stay open past 8 but i really like lucky goat near railroad square/FAMU and paper fox cause they both stay open until 7pm and have plenty of places to sit unlike black dog

  14. if it’s a huge class that doesn’t take attendance then you will definitely get away with it. i met this girl in my 250 person orgo lecture that brings her boyfriend to class with her all the time for some reason 🤷‍♀️

  15. That’s odd, because they didn’t pay my rent when I attended FSU back in the late 90’s and they certainly don’t pay it today.

  16. makes this even worse that you’re commenting snarky shit given you graduated 20 years ago😭

  17. Guessing that major is not math…

  18. do you have anything better to do than act like a know it all on a Reddit forum

  19. Not the question you asked, but you'll be fine in orgo 1 with Hilinski. I had to take orgo three times to pass (remote orgo during the pandemic was a nightmare) and it was his class that got me through it. He curves it hard at the end so that the class average ends up being a C or a C- regardless of the number.

  20. that’s really good to hear, I’ve gotten As and Bs on the last two tests but the first exam I completely bombed so I’m sitting at a really low c 😵‍💫

  21. not believable at all because no one in their right mind would leave it un-sleeved on a random surface 😭

  22. trainer gallery cards are not worth that much but I think they’re amazing and very fun to collect, so I would consider this a good pull :))

  23. Celebrations is my favorite set!! So basically the big draw to this set is the classic collection, which is a subset within this set made up of fun reprints of iconic cards from Pokémon history. It looks like you pulled two here and that’s awesome (reshiram and the luxray)!!! This set in general isn’t worth much and is pretty cheap to pick up second hand, most expensive cards are the Charizard reprint and umbreon or the shiny mew gold card, but nonetheless it’s a really unique set that I love collecting :))

  24. I am currently in orgo 1 with Hillenski and honestly he isn’t terrible, his rate my professor made me really scared at the beginning of the semester but his lectures are mostly helpful and his saving grace is that he posts a LOT of resources for you to use to prepare for tests. His practice exams are exactly like his exams which is super helpful to know what he’s testing you on. Our first exam was pretty difficult and the class average was like a 47% but the next test he made a little easier and tacked on some bonus points that really helped. He is an asshole in class sometimes and can be scary to talk to, that’s just kinda how he is, but his office hours are pretty helpful. I know his heart is in the right place but he really can be a dick sometimes which is the only thing I really don’t like. Class grade is 4 exams and 4 worksheets plus a final, worksheets are posted on Wednesday and you have till Friday morning to do them. They aren’t too tough.

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