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  1. Yes and clearer skin and just more energy but it’s because Im usually drinking often in periods when I’m not stressed and spending lots of happy times with friends

  2. That’s a really good point, maybe it’s really more the happy times and lack of stress.

  3. Lol yes but it could something else associated with drinking, for example someone im close to has crohns and realized when she drinks and eats junk food she has regular digestion and no pain. It was just that the fiber in vegetables was irritating her stomach, while potatoes and beef and fried things/chips were not

  4. For me no it didn’t work at all, I don’t think coconut oil is good for skin even without seb derm

  5. It’ll grow back it’s just way it grows. Sometimes Hair grows in different directions and there are these varying growth patterns

  6. I think see a dermatologist and get more powerful products. When you have the good stuff, it works but you have to use it sparingly or else your body stops responding to it (it gets immune)

  7. Is it the coffee or the caffeine? Because it’s caffeine, you can try mixing half caffeinated and half decaf, and using that to cut down but enjoying the coffee. If it’s coffee many tea options or cardamon pods, maca powder smoothies, steamed milk and tea, golden milk lattes (milk and tumeric), a dark chocolate bar melted in oat milk for a decadent hot cocoa

  8. I use one from my dermatologist and I also use nizoral and the head and shoulders seb derm one, and also different ones that I rotate (a coconut oil shampoo, a clarifying one, one expensive one, one colored hair one). I try to not use medicated unless I need it, so that my hair doesn’t get used to it and it continues to work. So for me I go between sometimes using it once a week and when it’s hot I need to kill the fungus more often

  9. I oil it and shampoo it with my scalp . Does it work- no. Only the topical steroids work

  10. I do this, but in my defense I give the container a good shake afterwards 🙈

  11. Yes me too I am lazy sometimes I mix different types of coffe grinds together. But to be fair we are not influencers

  12. I honestly think she’s broke and unoriginal so she put two chairs to take this picture to make it look like other fancy influencers’ photos

  13. Because sex sells especially to sexually repressed people. She posts it and gets engagement. It’s Drama and forbidden

  14. Did she really look that way on the left at only 25? She looks like a meth addict. She is WAY too young to look SO aged and worn out. My god.

  15. Eating disorders are so bad and terrible. It’s a mental illness that destroys mind and body

  16. Filter and she probably gained a bit of weight which will plump out anyone’s facial features. (NOT calling HER plump)

  17. Yes this and exercising and doing eating disorder recovery can really help your skin

  18. Despite everything she was less terrifying here

  19. Better then? I think no lashes and orange is way more “normal” looking than her normal bdong getup

  20. To me she looks orange, something is artificial with the sides of her lips maybe lip filler moved , her nose job is done with an old method (it’s dented) and it caused the space between her eyebrows to dent, the brows are way artificial, the picture itself might be morphed? Maybe. Idk but it’s off for sure. Maybe I don’t spend enough time with white people but I feel like if you took her in the condition to my grandmas village when she was a child they would be worried and distrustful

  21. Her nose is smushed in. It looks like someone hit her with a 2x4 and smashed her nose in

  22. Yeah I usually feel bad about making fun of peoples looks. But it definitely looks like that, the doctor did not do a good job

  23. There’s a chess club on Colorado and one on Louise , and a lot of the youth places have chess groups

  24. Have you seen this recently? I believe it closed down and was replaced by the Chess Park Lounge restaurant.

  25. It’s open it’s an alleyway near the lounge. There is also maple park but idk if people would want to show up there

  26. Some places give you compensated time off to donate blood so I would contact the businesses near there or even do the blood drive at their offices

  27. Snacks but good artisan snacks like from local bakeries, movie tickets, and lots of signage to let passerbys know what’s happening

  28. I don’t even understand- Jesus drank wine.

  29. Did you submit? They both have abdominal scar and tattoo. Makes me so sad that her mom passed without knowing the truth 😔

  30. Her husband assaulted a black man and got fired from the police. It’s in the description I believe

  31. the fact that she can’t be alone for five seconds is concerning

  32. Yes honestly. Horrible, i can’t tell which shows a higher level of unwell- if she lied or if she actually experienced this

  33. I make banana "bread" that looks similar to this, but it's definitely more of a cake than a bread. Mine has actual bananas though, and a lot of brown sugar.

  34. Yeah I thought so too it’s cake. The texture is cake batter. It probably has 1 banana in yellow cake. She maybe has orthorexia and doesn’t want to eat butter so she thinks this is better

  35. It’s just trying so hard to be a Christian homekeeper without knowing the ways. Bizarre how weve normalized such mundane content for influencers

  36. The Glendale sports complex and cv have open hours The Glendale college, Glendale high school, I’m not sure

  37. I really strongly think so too. Also to appeal to the anti abortion and strengthen her case, help her with household chores and be a speaker at her retreats, and there are race implications too since a lot of foster kids might be black or Mexican. It fits her ranch aesthetic. I don’t see how they can send her to prison if she has a child to care depending on her. And in general, children are thought to strengthen marriages and give people purpose, so she wants those too

  38. That’s my dad, a Christian therapist like why not just a therapist ?!

  39. This one makes sense cause maybe the therapist integrates theology and scripture

  40. Anyone else feel like she’s taking this path bc she’s so vain she wouldn’t want to get pregnant and mess up her body…..

  41. It’s definitely possible. I also know that not eating enough can cause people to stop menstruating and I wonder if there can be long term damage to her system.

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