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  1. I started collecting Heritage right out of high school. I now have more pieces than a mature adult actually needs. 😁

  2. Jeremy Tate - hmmm - this would be funnier if he was related to Andrew and Tristan

  3. Andrew Tate recently claimed that he was the "smarted person in the world." I was just wondering if Jeremy is related and if this outstanding intelligence is genetic.

  4. Tate: "I am the smartest person on the planet..." Um. Do you think the actual smartest person on the planet has ever said, "I am the smartest person on the planet"? I think not.

  5. "My ancestors stole this land and drove off the original inhabitants, fair and square."

  6. If anyone thinks having your cake design rejected by a single bakery is symbolic of oppression, you are absolutely living in a privileged society.

  7. Nope. Businesses can't legally do "whatever they want" in regard to race, color, ethnicity, religion, sexual identity, etc. They can refuse service (or kick you off a platform) if you are threatening others, if you are danger, if you are spreading misinformation, if you are endorsing hate, or if you are inciting violence - all of which can apply to any race, color, ethnicity, religion, sexual identity, etc.

  8. Guys, it's not about the cake itself, it's about setting a precedent. There's a reason it's illegal to not serve people based on race, why the hell is it suddenly a different situation when the person is trans? If this one person is allowed to not serve trans people, everybody is allowed to not serve trans people, and that could make it completely impossible for trans people to even engage in society: See also, every example of segregation in history.

  9. Exactly - what the first person is saying is "just don't go where you are not wanted, even though you have the legal right to be there." That is the pure definition of discrimination.

  10. Highly likely a number of British politicians have uncomfortable ties with Russian oligarchs. London has been one of the best places in the world to launder dirty Russian money or simply stash it in real estate out of reach of the Kremlin.

  11. Serious question, too: If Russia was involved, what was the end game? How would they benefit - other than weakening Britain?

  12. Because YELLING makes it true

  13. Well, yeah, they're mad about that. But they dont mention how happy they are that Sharia Law was not allowed to be implemented, and that hardcore pornography is no longer mandatory in K-12 classrooms, like the democrats were pushing for... probably.

  14. I think the word "grooming" has to go in there somewhere...

  15. Oooh Texas, “I didn’t know big oil creates pollution! Why didn’t anyone tell me that?”

  16. "We don't care about pollution as long it is not OUR pollution."

  17. Regardless of how it happens, if Trump does not win, whether he goes independent or not, he will make every attempt to burn the whole place to the ground. As seen by his vast history of assholedness, when he determines that someone is his enemy, he must destroy and obliterate them. He will not only target the Republican party, he will target the entire US - creating havoc, spreading hate, inciting violence --- just like Jan 6.

  18. Wonder if she realizes "what a wannabe she looks like" insisting she is a real journalist.

  19. Mannequin: "Really, Greg. You chose right now to bring that up? Seriously?"

  20. Ah yes, Trump, the man famously known for his ego being easy to set aside.

  21. There's nothing left if he sets his ego aside - just putrid vapor and orange dust

  22. Which is absolutely fucking nothing. He’s proven that already.

  23. ...over and over and over again. What do they say: The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

  24. I'm actually not so sure about Kari Lake being in for the grift. She seemed like a true believer in the bullshit, as evidenced by the fact that she refused to moderate her position even a little bit for the general election.

  25. I think she is more power-hungry than a money-grubbing grifter - neither is a good thing...

  26. No he’s right. We can tell by the way you talk about the issue. Don’t even have to look at the vagina.

  27. True, I suspect a woman saying something like, "F*ck off, dork. What business is it of yours?" would be a dead giveaway.

  28. No. You cannot do an exam and tell either that a medical or surgical termination has occured. No incisions happen. The uterus returns to notmal soze and shape. Worst case scenario is some uterine adhesions whoch can be seen in any uterine procedure even if it is not a termination.

  29. Even if the uterus did not return to the original size and shape, how is Captain Matt ever gonna know? I'm sure a woman could have an entire marching band in there, and he'd never figure it out.

  30. There’s sadly a large chunk of the country that just wants everyone to suffer as much as humanly possible because they somehow think it will elevate their status.

  31. But look! They've crudely superimposed the exact same stock skull graphic over each of their portraits. What more evidence do you need???

  32. Yeah - I could resize that scull and superimpose it over my geranium and make it look transgender.

  33. Nice jacket at a great price

  34. Very nice. Those are great-looking boots.

  35. Oh, yes. The bunnies definitely had to go home with you

  36. Love the canisters. Exact colors of my kitchen.

  37. Wow - very nice. I love small charity shops!!!!!

  38. Wow - Pendleton for $9. Great find!

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