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  1. I think that's a body in the 1st pic behind the little boy. It was at 12:51, so all the bodies were still on the floor. This is heartbreaking 💔

  2. I think it might have been either Eva or Irma, if I remember correctly one of them was wearing a orange shirt.. how heartbreaking

  3. My husband and I both watched and we both were crying our eyes out.

  4. The part at the end where the families say they feel abandoned and look at as outsiders is just terrible

  5. His body is small like a corgi and the rest of him is like a cattle dog :)

  6. Having a stroke at 6 years old. Left me paralyzed on my left side. Just a lot of medical difficulties

  7. It's the 28th day of the month that crashes. You just have to sleep as soon as you wake up and skip the day. Absolutely embarassing they refuse to fix this bug, but it is what it is.

  8. Ah thanks! I hate that so much. Us Switch players get the short end of the stick for sure

  9. Are you playing on Switch by chance? That happened to me regularly. Now I only play through 2 days max before closing the game out entirely after waking up. It has almost completely prevented this end of day crash

  10. When I still lived at home there was a cricket that would be outside my window every night and it was so annoying to fall asleep

  11. it took me forever to find the photo unblurred. long enough to the point where i've now realized i dont frequent the correct gore sites/places. as also ive only seen one video of the victims and aftermath, of the shooting

  12. I’ve seen the video of the victims as well.. very heartbreaking

  13. People who constantly clear there throat, I want to slap them across the face 😡

  14. I play on switch and I save about every 2 minutes and when I’m decorating I do a few things and then save again

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