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  1. I give Taker credit for climbing up and down that thing with a broken foot

  2. He didn’t climb down, he DROPPED down on a broken foot

  3. I do think its fair to expect that Simon would have developed a contingency plan with his roommate, or someone, because he knew that the baby was to arrive at some point. He had months to make a contingency plan, after all. He's not brand new on this one.

  4. I think most people would have said yes to taking on the kid for a few hours. Which makes me question WHY the roommate said no. I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens more than it should and the roommate had enough of free babysitting

  5. I’ve been told Encore is trying their hardest to get rid of poker. Shitty hours, $10/hand max rake, not opening enough tables ect. The NH Charity rooms should be pretty solid, Chasers is a good spot.

  6. You could also throw a house ball 2 handed with no thumb legally assuming your spare ball is plastic

  7. I like the way my fingertip ball rolls off my hand. I just go dead straight at it and it seems so easy

  8. That’s fair, but you could fingertip a house ball pretty easily if you can find a small 13-14 lb ball

  9. "Sat down and played poker for 8 hours, and after 8 hours, every single player's entire stack has been raked up by the casino."

  10. Ughhhh I get that they want an off the cage spot... And this might be my "JR/Cornette" old man yelling at the cloud take... But I hate so much when everyone stands around to catch the jumper

  11. Top rope? Yes. The cage spot is too tall to not attempt to save the jumper as much as possible. You know it’s going to happen, best thing to do is ignore it and get excited when they start to gather because it’s coming.

  12. Yeah, I checked both and I definitely liked Beast in Black. The other band was not my thing, so I’m okay skipping those.

  13. Bosoares on YouTube puts up great quality shows pretty quickly

  14. Because the casino still has the advantage. And they have the option to find the players that are playing “perfect” and not allow them to play anymore. If anyone plays long enough, the casino will win.

  15. The camera he hit wasn't up top. It was one of the glass cutouts where cameras poke through.

  16. There should be nothing inside the ice surface that can cause a stoppage like that. If you push your own net off it’s pegs, it’s a penalty

  17. Mistakes happen. The cameraperson will likely get a talking to after the game.

  18. Home field advantage then. Time to start throwing stuff on the ice!

  19. Oh I see, so you have to physically go somewhere still? In that case I’d probably use Stations too.

  20. You usually have to deposit in person the first time to verify the account and your ID ect. After that a lot of apps can take card payments.

  21. If Fenix learns one thing from PAC and it’s that DDT spike sell, we’re all lucky

  22. Somebody on Twitter mentioned seeing Orange Cassidy vs. Sanshiro Takagi announced (probably for the Buy In), and a friend who was watching on Fite said she saw it as well, but I have no fucking clue if this is true?? Am I just fever dreaming now that we're getting more DDT folks in the mix?

  23. Don’t be teasing me like that. I read Shingo Takagi.

  24. Yooooo….why can’t I sort this by newest?

  25. It changed a couple weeks ago. Right at the top next to your profile picture there’s sorting options

  26. My casino takes a max rake of $5 per hand. Some games charge 10% ($1 at 10,20,30,40, and 50) and some 5% ($1 at 10, 30, 50, 70, and 100).

  27. Possibly the worst one Ive ever seen AND the fake ass outrage by 11 there can go fuck itself.

  28. I don’t blame 11. He didn’t have a good view of the play and when you see your goalie go down, you see red. Most players would have done that.

  29. Yes he did. He's in this clip the entire time. He was trailing on an inside track the entire time. he specifically could se his goalie swing several feet out of the net and into the skating path.

  30. You’re right, I thought for sure he was outside but nope. Still, protecting your goalie is a top priority and you still go for the fight there.

  31. Yes, the player to your right can choose not to take the big blind technically. That’s the only way.

  32. So each other player had 42 or 52? And each cold called a cold 4b oop? I don't want to believe it, but I will. 2/5? Where?

  33. They both said they 54 suited, but neither had diamonds lol. Nope, it was a 100/100 game in Vegas

  34. Wouldn’t 54 suited have won the hand with a straight?

  35. There isn’t a 2 on the board, just 2 (multiple) diamonds on the flop

  36. Shibata showed he can still go in a true high profile wrestling match. Give me Shibata vs Ospreay and Shibata vs Danielson. Also HUGE win for OC beating a legend like Shibata.

  37. I don’t want an Ospreay match. That would mean a hidden blade to Shibata.

  38. Ok, Shibata looks good. He can go. Let’s have all the dream matches (safely)!

  39. Oh I have no doubt that they can try to be safe, but the crowd for that match would be insane and might push them.

  40. That's not true - he clearly has something left that he wants to prove to himself. That's his choice, his decision.

  41. It is his decision to a degree, BUT during a match both wrestlers are responsible for keeping each other safe. And the company does not want wrestlers getting injured on the show.

  42. That teachers are the reason today’s education system is going down the tubes.

  43. Teachers are the reason. Because there aren’t enough and we don’t treat them well enough with pay/benefits.

  44. Do you think there is still bad blood between these teams? Or has there been too much roster turnover on both sides

  45. Dude I will give up a week worth of tips to watch you deal your first PLO down.

  46. A week? I’ll pay a month! And I’ll tip well. “Don’t eat yellow snow”

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