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  1. No God no I don’t want this at all. Love you mad respect but open world will destroy the focus of that story.

  2. The only thing that has come true is that ff14 changed their subscription.

  3. Did we already know about that? Or was this evidence for the legitimacy of this ‘leak’

  4. It's a half proof which weighs little. And no, this was a recent announcement.

  5. Ok. So it’s basically proven fake at this point

  6. They should expand bugenhagen, he is way more interesting.

  7. Why are you getting downvotes? I agree 100%

  8. Same day as new eps. Just sevral hours later. On crunchyroll at least.

  9. are you sure? I only see 2 dubbed episodes on crunchyroll, but there are 4 episodes in japanese?

  10. Yes. It’s really good, but not as good as the original

  11. Not sure if it's an original from the show or if it's a classical piece, but I attempted to make a re-imagining / fuller version of the theme while waiting for the OST to be released!

  12. Yup. I’m the best. You can all me the Redditoid Typhoon

  13. Now you have to watch 5 hours of reaction videos of that scene

  14. I really hope they tone down the flashes when you connect, particularly with Cloud, in Rebirth. I didn't have to turn it down all the way to 1 but they're definitely still too bright

  15. Cloud’s flashes almost blind me. It’s so frustrating

  16. This just seems to align more with the idea that Sephiroth will want to destroy the planet to create a new one. In the ff7 world, we already have a source that can do this, which is Omega. Conceptually, it functions the same way. Destroy the old, extract energy, plant it onto a new planet to make new life. With the way they are going about everything, using Omega to accomplish Sephiroth's end goal to create a new planet to rule over wouldn't surprise me. And to be fair, that scene with the Edge of Creation looks pretty similar to the dead planet shell in DoC.

  17. I hear you loud and clear, but the Materials Ultimania made it clear that Sephiroth wants to save the planet, but at the expense of people. That is why I think destruction of Gaia is not his plan this time around. I’ll get the quote

  18. From the Materials Ultimania Plus. The {brackets are dev notes}:

  19. I think Crisis Core spoils an enormously important arc in FF7 original and probably Rebirth also. I’d wait, personally.

  20. Finally, Dirge of Cerberus: Retch

  21. I guarantee you it’s Dirge of Cactuar: Bad Breath

  22. Right on. But Jenova cells did make him a super impressive dude, physically. I guess that’s part of the twist.

  23. No grunts will ever be as bad, as egregious or as, quite frankly, erotic-sounding, as English dub Vanille in FFXIII though.

  24. Hhehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehheheheheheheheheh huhuhuhuuuh ohhhhhh

  25. FYI, there’s a nexus mod that removes the more egregious grunting from the English Dub if you’re on PC.

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