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  1. Looks like another show ruined by people screaming

  2. Come to MeloMelo Kava Bar in Oakland. Non alcoholic place, plenty of friendly people.

  3. You keep saying “invested”. Crypto is not an investment

  4. thanks for directing the subject to something else completely different to my reply to the original post

  5. That was a mistake, on mobile- sorry about that

  6. I am looking for a genre "Techno" as is it one of the most misrepresented genre of electronic music :D I am far from purist. But Techno has specific attributes and elements typical for the genre.

  7. Please describe these attributes as I am genuinely curious

  8. Rad! But if you play any techno on the playa that could be considered playa techno while playing your techno on the playa, OP probably isn't interested. Best of luck playa!

  9. I will play playa tech. Because I like that too, but will also be playing driving, sparse, pensive, aggressive techno sets. OP is gate keeping their ears.

  10. Can’t ever eat those ever again. Used them too much for too long lol

  11. I am from a city! You got that bit right, age? Kinda

  12. Dude that’s fucking HILARIOUS, I hate crypto. I hate NFTs, I hate all that shit- so while you’re wrong about your assessment of me it’s weird asf that you dug into my profile looking for “dirt”

  13. I notice that a lot of these threats from Iran or North Korea never have a plan for what to do after the first nuclear blast when the US has an excuse for unrestricted retaliation.

  14. Nah the whole world would go nuclear and we’d all be dead

  15. That temple burn was really something. Brought up feelings from somewhere deep that I didn’t even know I had.

  16. Can hear a pin drop. The temple experience is truly cathartic and I didn’t realize I could cry openly around thousands of people and be consoled the whole way through

  17. No, I meant that a word for word translation becomes "water scooter" in English.

  18. Check out this receipt that leads to an external server that hosts a JPEG of an ugly monkey. I’m rich!

  19. I’m confused. Are the URL’s scrambled somehow so only the NFT owner can access it? Or is it just in plain text sitting on a blockchain somewhere where anyone can see it and get to the ape?

  20. They the “nft” is the token that the owner gets that will point to the image on the web.

  21. Not from South Africa, but from what I have read and watched, my guess is that the slum is almost entirely black (or at least entirely non-white), while the wealthier neighborhood is probably at least 80-90% white (or at least non-black).

  22. Is “Coloured people” an acceptable term there? That term is derogatory in the states and somehow your usage of it here seems less so. These things are cultural, or? Please correct me if I’m wrong!

  23. Yes, it is an official term used in South Africa. It is an artifact of the Apartheid era for people who couldn’t be clearly defined as black, white, or Indian. It’s use has stuck around since the end of Apartheid and afaik it’s even used on their census. It may have had some racist origins but it doesn’t seem to be considered derogatory.

  24. Yes- stateside, the term exists but has been polished: “people of color” which is the same in substance but has a distinction from our vile past.

  25. “Hey there and welcome to Dive Talk, I’m Gus!”

  26. Hello everyone! This is my voice 😊 the system does make automated announcements but I like to make my own especially if it’s busy and people need a bit of extra time to get on the train. Keep London moving and all that!

  27. That’s awesome that you love your job. Enjoy your joy

  28. You'll will in this tournament and in crypto. I have faith in you.

  29. I made this soup tonight and it was phenomenal. Didn’t even need to look at the recipe, just the GIf

  30. It’s not the most appetizing presentation and I probably didn’t use enough water BUT IT WAS DAMN GOOD!

  31. I was going to bring my RX2. But seems rental is more ideal!

  32. I’m bringing my rx2, I ain’t scared.

  33. At least they bundled it for you, that’s actually worth something. Something tells me you weren’t so nice

  34. I’m all for it! Am guy, but hey you want to make sure your body smells good! I have fastidious manscaping routines but OF COURSE there’s going to be times like . . You know. Ya just wanna. .check?

  35. You have to check. I even use boobie deodorant sometimes so they smell like lavender. Good shit 👌

  36. I love lavender- excellent color, excellent fragrance. And it’s one that smells good on everyone.

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