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Women of Reddit. What NSFW questions do you have for men that you are too embarrassed to ask in person?

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  1. well yall always act like theyre spitting in your faces for...making sure you can see everything youre meant to see?

  2. I’m sure nobody would mind if they were to watch a TV normally

  3. it just wouldnt work as well. and the main thing is yall willingly accept all sorts of shit that happens in wrestling that wouldnt happen in an irl fight yet complain about the dumbest minutia

  4. No I don’t accept rollups as a deadly pin or referees passing out at a slight touch either. Just because I’m complaining about one thing doesn’t mean I’m forgiving the other things.

  5. Apart from the last one, the others sound fairly standard

  6. ITT: People bragging about their healthy relationships when they are not the subject of the question at all

  7. My person respects my boundaries and doesn't get mad if I'm not in the mood.

  8. Guwahati isn't "developed". And nor will it be developed in the next two decades. Increasing concrete structures with more cars isn't development. Guwahati is on its way to become an urban hell with more slums, more flood prone areas, more diseases due to absolutely awful hygiene both by people and the municipality, and water scarcity will be horrific.

  9. Not a woman but just wanted to know do you guys fart while peeing too.

  10. Guys, I am willing to create a similar map based on Assam. Suggest some successful local companies/brands/startups along with the location of headquarters.

  11. Actually people in towns like Dibrugarh, Guwahati are coming to know about gender and sexuality.

  12. Guwahati might be one of the greenest cities in India, but in no way does it contribute to the quality of life in the city. imo, most the greenery is clustered in areas like Sonapur, Japirigog, GMCH and not distributed throughout, unlike Bangalore and Delhi.

  13. Heel authority figures are just tired, unless their Dario Cuerto. That's the ultimate in the trope.

  14. A didn’t know of Dario Cueto, just looked up a couple of his videos on Youtube. Damn does this guy make you believe in his ethos of violence - a straight up video game villain.

  15. No. What creates a great baby face TOO is when a faction is so big and powerful. I think of Sting vs The 4 Horsemen

  16. Agreed. Bloodline makes the most sense currently

  17. Pornos where the girl doesn’t directly jump into sex, but is shy at first and needs some convincing first

  18. The top left logo is a completely fictional logo created in retrospect

  19. Bayley never misses a chance to take jibe on Cole

  20. Thank you for taking the words out of my mind!

  21. That theme is a banger, I need it to drop on streaming services.

  22. Absolute banger! I’ve been searching for that song everywhere ever since it debuted

  23. Actually, looks like they're going for a Umaga character. He dresses like Umaga, and fights like Umaga. Watching him brought me back to the days of watching Umaga.

  24. Difference is Umaga was presented as a straight-up monster whereas Solo is a more nuanced character - a brawler who can also cut promos

  25. I think Smackdown should have a clean and slick look and Raw should be more gritty.

  26. That's exactly what gave the two brands distinct identities during the Ruthless Aggression era

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